RECOUP Backed Recycling Initiative as Red Arrows Entertain Crowds

1/4m People Encouraged to Recycle Food & Plastics at Welsh Airshow

Over 250,000 visitors to the Welsh Airshow were encouraged to recycle food and plastic Expanded Polystyrene trays and cups, and PET drinks bottles.


Over 250,000 visitors to the Welsh Airshow were encouraged to recycle food and plastic Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) trays and cups, and PET drinks bottles.

Plastics Recycling, charity, RECOUP, supported by Dart Europe, Klöckner Pentaplast, and Plastipak collected On-the-Go post-consumer recyclables at the show in Swansea, with the public were given the option to separate the food and general waste. Polystyrene cups and trays and PET drinks bottles for were also collected for recycling. 

The food waste was destined for composting in a move to reduce the amount of general waste from the weekend being sent to landfill.  

The polystyrene (after washing) was sent to Moulded Foams in Blackwood to be incorporated into thermal flooring blocks for the construction industry. All PET bottles collected were sent to Clean Tech to be recycled into new drinks bottles.  

“Last year’s event attracted more than 250,000 visitors and we are proud to be part of this great initiative which clearly demonstrates that EPS can and is being recycled into products such as catering trays and thermal flooring blocks, locally in Wales,” commented Anne Sutton, Director Global Innovation & Regional Manager, Government Affairs & Environment Department at Dart Products Europe.

Speaking about the activation, Klöckner Pentaplast, Global Sustainability Director, Lubna Edwards commented “EPS has extremely strong environmental credentials and excels in terms of functionality, particularly for hot food packaging. It is a superb material that keeps food safe and fresh. By visitors helping to collect this valuable material we can retain this resource and recycle it into more beneficial products.”

RECOUP said that Recycling at these dedicated points gave visitors the opportunity to do their bit for the environment when eating and drinking on the go, and enabling plastic packaging to be recycled into new products instead of ending up in landfill.   

The initiative also included some litter picking with the RECOUP team and volunteers assisting Swansea Council to keep the beach and seafront clear from litter. 

Consumers were asked to look for the Pledge2Recycle Plastics flags which will be flying where polystyrene and plastic bottle recycling can take place. 

RECOUP also ran an education roadshow over the event weekend showcasing items that can be made from recycled plastics and explaining the plastic recycling journey.  T

This provided an opportunity to discuss with the visitors to the show the benefits of recycling plastic packaging and to have individual conversations to encourage visitors to recycle plastic both when eating and drinking on-the-go and at home.    

“Everyone is aware of the need to recycle more plastics and protect the environment. This is a fantastic example of producers taking responsibility by asking for their plastic packaging back through dedicated collection systems, so they can make better use of the resources, and consumers taking responsibility by using those collection points and not littering,” said Stuart Foster, CEO of RECOUP.

“Even better, the collected material from Wales will be recycled in Wales – circular economy in action,” he added.

Cromwell Polythene, an independent, family-run business, also supported the activation by donating bags made from  either recycled  or compostable material.

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