80MW Vantaa Waste to Energy Contract in Finland Goes to Steinmüller Babcock


Gummersbach, Germany based waste to energy firm, Steinmüller Babcock Environment GmbH, has been awarded the contract to build the WtE2 Waste to Energy plant in Vantaa, Finland.

The client is Vantaa Energia Ltd, one of Finland’s largest energy utility, 60% owned by the city of Vantaa and 40% by the city of Helsinki. The new plant is to be put into operation at the end of 2022.

The scope of delivery and service involves the planning and construction of the boiler system, including the Steinmüller forward-moving grate and ancillary systems, district heat exchangers, as well as steel construction, the facade and building services.

The Vantaa Waste to Energy plant will be built adjacent to an existing plant in urban Vantaa, a city of 220,000 inhabitants in the Greater Helsinki area. The construction of the plant is one of the measures taken by Vantaa Energia Ltd as it pursues its target of removing coal from its energy-producing plant portfolio by 2023.

Using Steinmüller Babcock’s fuel-flexible Waste to Energy technology, the plant will, once operational, contribute significantly towards achieving Finland’s national recycling target, by converting non-recyclable material flows from the recycling industry into valuable energy.

The new plant has a  capacity of 80 MWth and is based on a boiler concept designed to generate district heating only, producing steam energy at 20 bar(a) and 210°C. This steam energy will generate water up to a temperature of 115°C, which will be transmitted into the district heating network of the Vantaa region.

The company explained that the restricted space at the current plant site adds a unique feature to the construction as the existing plant will continue to operate during the construction of the new plant, as will the railway line that runs under the building site.