Improvements for Rainham Emergency Response Waste Facility

Adler & Allan Expands & Upgrades Hazardous Waste Site in London

UK environmental services provider, Adler & Allan, has expanded its Rainham, East London, facility and installed upgrades to provide improved hazardous waste management.

Image © Adler & Allan

UK environmental services provider, Adler & Allan, has expanded  its Rainham, East London, facility and installed upgrades to provide improved hazardous waste management.

The facility offers and disposal, emergency response (covering, flooding, spills and fuel delivery), and asset resilience solutions for tanks, drains and separators.

The redevelopments have increased its hazardous waste capacity, improved access thanks to a new road entrance, and allowed for flexible opening times - including evenings and weekends.

A new quarantine facility with lab analysis for unknown wastes has also been incorporated, as well as a lounge and refreshment area for drivers.

"With the south east the most densely populated part of the UK, it's important that we have suitable facilities to service customers in this region,“ said Alan Scrafton, head of marketing for Adler & Allan.

„Rainham's expansion and upgrade is an exciting development that should help businesses in the area better manage their waste and maintain their assets, with disasters dealt with quickly, and essential equipment, such as tanks and separators, kept in good working order," he continued.

The company said that it can accept and process a wide range of packaged and bulk hazardous and non-hazardous wastes, including chemicals, corrosives, firewater, drummed, IBC's and lab smalls, plus provide the decontamination and disposal of associated containers.

Its emergency response designed to minimise damage and clean-up following an environmental disaster. Fuel delivery is also covered, ensuring essential vehicles, plant machinery and general operations and fully functional.

According to the company, its onsite fleet of tankers, fitted with the best pumping equipment on the market, are available to carry fuel and other bulk liquids/products, or remove waste. It also offers separator cleaning and maintenance, essential for preventing pollution and flooding on forecourts and other sites that store or handle fuel.

Other services include above or below ground storage tank cleaning and removal, using the most advanced manual and automated tank cleaning technologies available, High Pressure Industrial Water Jetting - for hydro demolition and cleaning contaminated surfaces, such as drains - and 24 hour fly tip clearance.

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