Waste collection

Amsterdam starts pilot project and collects garbage with electric bicycles

For six months, trash is collected with electric bicycles in Amsterdam's Passeerdersgrachtbuurt.

amsterdam Collection & Transport Collection

One advantage of this action is that the weak quays and bridges no longer have to carry heavy garbage trucks. In addition, as part of the experiment, residents can choose whether they want to have their waste collected three times a week.

Since mid-May and until November 15, 2021, the bicycle garbage collectors have been collecting garbage directly at home. With an app or by phone, the residents choose the time to have the residual waste picked up, the participating residents no longer have to wait for the fixed pick-up day. The dumpster cyclists collect five different types of waste: paper, glass, textiles, small electrical appliances and organic waste. The city is examining whether this method will make it easier for residents to separate waste.

Waste bins are retained

The existing containers for glass, paper / cardboard, textiles and residual waste remain available during the experiment. If the residents are not at home at any of the pick-up times, they can put their rubbish there. In addition, the normal waste regulations apply.

Wherever possible, underground rubbish bins have been placed in the city. However, this is not possible everywhere: sometimes there is no space for it, the floor is full of pipes or the quays are too weak to carry heavy garbage trucks. That is why various tests will be carried out this year. This e-bike experiment is one of them. There is also an attempt to collect waste by boat.