Tyre Shredder to Produce Specific Particle Size for Thermal Process

ANDRITZ to Supply Tyre Recycling Tech to Pyrum Innovations’ Thermolysis Plant

ANDRITZ has secured a deal to supply a complete tyre recycling plant to Pyrum Innovations AG for its thermolysis facility in Dillingen, Germany.


Austrian recycling equipment manufacturer, ANDRITZ, has secured a deal to supply a complete tyre recycling plant to Pyrum Innovations AG for its thermolysis facility in Dillingen, Germany.

Pyrum Innovations AG is a recycling technology company with locations in Germany, France and Luxembourg. The company’s main activity is the engineering and construction of recycling factories based on thermolysis technology.

Thermolysis is the thermal decomposition of organic substances (or of rubber and plastic waste) in a low-oxygen or oxygen-free atmosphere. During this process, waste is transformed into oil, gas, and coke to generate energy or heat in a self-sufficient cycle.

New Equipment
The equipment will process car and truck tires with a maximum diameter of 1200 mm and a width of 300 mm. Start-up of the recycling plant is scheduled for spring 2019.

In the first section of the plant, the waste tires will be shredded by an ANDRITZ Universal Rotary Shear UC1300. According to ANDRITZ, the slowly rotating, twin-shaft cutter unit is suited to powerful pre-shredding.

In a second and third step, the material is granulated further in the ANDRITZ Universal Granulators UG1600S and UG1000H. The variable hole sizes in the granulating screen mounted underneath the rotating knife blocks determine the extent of granulation as well as the throughput.

In the final section of the plant, the ANDRITZ Universal Cutting Mill USM1000 will granulate the material into the defined particle size of 6 mm or smaller.

The complete tire recycling process will be capable of producing approximately 1 tonne of granulate per hour. This rubber granulate obtained will be further processed in the thermolysis plant to be converted into oil, gas, and coke.

In addition, the ANDRITZ scope of supply includes the entire conveying, separating and screening technology and as well supervision of installation and commissioning work.

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