Case Study: Eriez Upgrades Scrap Drums for U.S. Metal Recycler OmniSource

Eriez, has repaired and upgraded four scrap drums for Fort Wayne, Indiana based scrap and secondary metals processor, OmniSource.

Erie, in Pennsylvania based Magnetic and vibratory metal sorting equipment manufacturer, Eriez, has repaired and refurbished four scrap drums for Fort Wayne, Indiana based scrap and secondary metals processor, OmniSource.

According to Eriez, the work on the was carried out under its ‘5-Star Service’ to machinery from two OmniSource facilities located in Smithfield, North Carolina, and Johnson City, Tennesse.

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Case Study: Eriez Upgrades Scrap Drums for U.S. Metal Recycler OmniSource

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The company explained that the drums had been in use Eriez Scrap Drums helping to produce high-quality ferrous scrap products for foundry and steel-mill melting applications - a primary market for OmniSource.

The manufacturer said that the scrap drums operate 24/7 under harsh conditions, so it is not uncommon for the drums to need routine repairs and upgrades.

Both the Smithfield and Johnson City facilities use two Eriez Scrap Drums for identical functions - to separate ferrous material from the residual scrap that comes from the shredders – but are able to handle a variety of scrap, from automobiles to household appliances

Jon Kunze, ASR processing plant supervisor for OmniSource explained that each facility has a primary and secondary drum magnet to agitate and separate the ferrous material that comes out of the shredders.

"Copper, wire, aluminum and everything else falls into separate bins. The scrap drums were purchased from another company and have been in use since 2004," he said.

Valuable machines

Each pair of scrap drums is said to produce approximately 15,000 tons of ferrous output per month, a workload that causes wear and tear on the internal drum bearings.

"These scrap drums are very expensive pieces of equipment. Anything that causes downtime needs to be addressed, so you want to take the unknown out of the equation. That means having the assurance that your equipment is in good operating condition," added Kunze.

According to Kunze maintenance personnel can handle some routine work on the drums, but bearing replacement and other upgrades are performed by the Eriez 5-Star Service Center.
On this occasion, to eliminate the need for processing downtime, Kunze said that each of the four drums was repaired and upgraded one at a time.

The drums upgrade work also coincided with a number of major upgrades OmniSource was making to its own operations.

"The drums were sent out the same time we were replacing the entire downstream equipment on each system, so we did not experience any downtime," noted Kunze.

Tear down

"After the drums arrived at Eriez, the 5-Star team tore them down and sent me pictures so I could see the problems and what needed to be replaced. Once we agreed upon the repairs, they kept me informed about the progress and completion schedule," explained Kunze.

The drums were given a thorough analysis, during which several issues were discovered.

"The report came back and indicated the shells were fine, but bearings had seized onto the shaft of one drum and the shaft was not rotating. That repair work was done along with replacing some of the wipers, couplings, bolts and other parts. We also had the drums sandblasted and painted," said Kunze.

Over the course of eight weeks, all four drums were repaired and repainted and shipped back to the Smithville and Johnson City facilities.

Kunze added that the drums were back into production as OmniSource was completing its system upgrading at both recycling centers.

The  5-Star Service

Eriez explained that its 5-Star Service Center offers regular equipment checks, in-plant certifications and detailed reports, all to help customers minimise equipment problems and achieve maximum productivity.

“Checking equipment on a routine basis can identify equipment problems before they occur and reduce production downtime caused by broken equipment,” commented Jim Lasko. 5-Star service center manager for Eriez.

"We use original OEM parts, remanufacture equipment to original specifications and offer ‘as new’ warranties," he added.

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