China builds Clinical Waste Treatment Plant in Gambia

The Gambian Minister of Health and the Ambassador of the Peoples Republic of China laid the foundation stone of the Clinical Waste Treatment Centre (CWTC) in the West Coast Region of Gambia.

medical waste

The project, supported by the World Bank has procured clinical waste treatment equipment – Ecosteryl 250 series which will be installed at the site, about 30km from Banjul, for clinical waste treatment. The technology, microwave disinfection, it is electricity operated and reduces the waste, according to local papers, to at least 20 percent.

The management of health care waste has become an urgent need to such that health from adverse effects called improper management of the health care waste the health minister of the Gambia said. “In the Gambia medical waste disposal has been even more difficult due to inadequate and insufficient infrastructural facilities for the management and tremendous clinical waste.”