Reduces Humidity from 40%-70% to below 20%

Covertech from Masias Biodries MSW into High CV Waste Derived Fuel

Spanish recycling equipment manufacturer, Masias Recycling, has developed a cover system to biologically dry waste with a low calorific value by 70%.


Spanish recycling equipment manufacturer, Masias Recycling, has developed a cover system to biologically dry waste with a low calorific value by 70%.

According to the company its Covertech system can transform municipal solid waste (MSW) into a dry matter with high calorific value that can be used as solid recovered fuel (SRF) in those industries that are highly dependent on energy, such as the cement or the electrical industry.

Masias said that the aim of Covertech is part of the concept included in the parameters of the Circular Economy Package adopted by the European Union, which seeks the development of closed loop business opportunities and that shall foster an economic growth that is not to be linked to fossil resources.

Masias’ Covertech biodrying technological process is based on the decomposition of the organic matter so as to increase temperature, thus speeding up the drying process.

The purpose of Covertech Biodry is to transform MSW with a humidity of 40%-70% into an alternative fuel with a humidity below 20%. In this way the company said it can produce a high calorific power material to replace fossil fuels and be used as alternative fuel. 

“Results we get with Covertech Biodry show an increase of about 70% of the calorific value for industries such as the cement or the energy thermal one”, said Frederico Contente, key account manager at Masias Recycling.

According to the company fuel production from MSW is a profitable alternative to non-renewable fossil energies and the biodrying process for MSW is a relatively new technology. 

According to Contente it is still quite a minority technology, but its potential and possibilities are unlimited.

“Is it really so that all material that is buried in landfills has no value? We are sure it does have some value and thus we focus on that through biodrying” he said.

Masias Recycling said that has partnered with INCABO as technological partner to manufacture fabrics for technical applications since 1959, having been able to combine the best technical features of the fabric in the FR-COMPOSPLY covers used in Covertech system, with its own know-how in the biological treatment of waste.

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