Two Additional Eddy Current Separators for Re-Gen Waste Ltd

Eriez Boosts Metal Recovery for Northern Ireland Recycling Firm

Eriez Magnetics Europe has upgraded Re-Gen Waste Ltd’s material recycling facility with two identical 2000mm wide ST22-80 Eddy Current Separators.

Image © Eriez Magnetics

Caerphilly, South Wales based Eriez Magnetics Europe has upgraded Re-Gen Waste Ltd’s material recycling facility with two identical 2000mm wide ST22-80 Eddy Current Separators (ECS).

Accordng to Eriez, increased demands efficient recycling has resulted in plants such as Re-Gen Waste’s Newry, Northern Ireland making greater use of its magnetic separation technology.

Re-Gen’s plant processes over 140,000 tonnes per year of Mixed Dry Recyclables (MDR) in a 24-7 operation. To ensure continued success, last year a £2 million expansion was carried out as part of a £9 million wider investment, including the upgrade of Re-Gen’s MDR and paper recycling lines.

As part of the expansion Re-Gen required maximum ferrous and non-ferrous metal recovery from the two upgraded waste streams.

In order to improve metal recovery Re-Gen tasked Eriez Europe with selecting magnetic separators suitable for the required metal recovery. Subsequently two identical 2000mm wide ST22-80 Eddy Current Separators (ECS) were supplied and installed on the MDR and paper recycling lines in addition to the existing ST22-80 ECS on the MSW (Mixed Solid Waste) processing line installed in 2015.

The two ECS units include Eriez OBM Vibratory Feeders to maximise material spread across the full width of the ECS units, allowing for optimal separation performance. On both waste streams the ECS units are removing valuable Aluminium from material such as paper, plastic and film at throughputs up to 30TPH.

In addition to the non-ferrous separation solutions provided by Eriez Europe, a CP20/120 Overband Magnet was installed to recover profitable ferrous metal, as well as providing protection for the ECS units downstream.

According to Eriez, the high levels of metal separation from its new ECS units has contributed to Re-Gen reducing overall contamination. In addition to providing higher quality waste material and increasing profitable aluminium recovery by 2%.

“Recent changes in the market prompted Re-Gen to identify areas for improvement in our MDR and paper processing lines,” explained Re-Gen Waste’s Mechanical Engineer, Louth McMahon.

“Eriez Europe assessed our requirements and supplied two new ECS systems which are proving very effective in reducing our metal contamination and improving the quality of our recycled materials,” he continued.

Gareth Meese, Sales Director at Eriez Europe added: “The recycling industry continues to be a key area of focus for Eriez Europe; through the development of our separation technologies we have added significant value to our customers processing requirement.”

“The most recent investments at Re-Gen Waste show their dedication to achieving the highest quality of recycled products for their customers. Eriez Europe are pleased to see the vast improvements to Re-Gen’s metal contamination reduction from the new ECS units. We look forward to working with Re-Gen in the future,” he concluded.

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