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Green Bay Packaging starts up $500 million plant

Green Bay Packaging produced the first reel of paper at its newly completed recycled paper mill, which uses OCC and mixed paper feedstock.

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The Wisconsin-based company announced the start of production, describing it as a “significant milestone” in the mill’s process of ramping up production capacity. "This is the single biggest project in our company’s history”, commented Will Kress, Chairman and CEO of Green Bay Packaging.

The construction and startup of the new Green Bay Mill will preserve more than 2,600 jobs. The new mill will also benefit the entire regional supply chain while operating as one of the most environmentally sustainable paper mills in the world, the company said in the release. 

The company first announced the mill project in summer 2018, stating it would build a 500 million dollar facility using 100 percent recycled fiber sourced from OCC and mixed paper. The mill was constructed to replace the company’s 70-year-old paper mill in Green Bay.

The mill was outfitted with equipment supplied by Voith Paper, and it includes “cutting-edge papermaking and fiber recycling technology,” according to Green Bay Packaging.