Hanois waste-to-energy-plant will be delayed - again

A plant in Hanoi, Vietnam, will be delayed for seven months, due to Covid-19. The plant, that will generate electricity from waste, might by completed in May.

Waste to Energy

A spokesperson for the Thien Y Environmental Energy JSC, Nguyen Thi Hong Van, said on Thursday that the completion has been delayed by seven months because community transmission of Covid-19 returned in late January and is still badly affecting northern Vietnam, including Hanoi.

The workers and engineers had to stay away from the site. To ensure social distancing, only 280 of them could work at a time, Van said. "The work is 80 percent complete. We are trying our best to finish it by May. This will be the last time we ask to delay."  

In 2019, the company said it would finish the plant in August 2020, commercial operation should start to months later. The first delay was also because of Covid19: The Chinese contractor Metallurgical Group Corporation was not allowed to bring its experts to Vietnam due to the pandemic. The new date of the completion was updated with November 2020.  

The new plant will have a capacity of burning 4,000 tons of solid waste, or two-thirds of the city’s garbage, a day and producing 75 MW of electricity annually using European technology.