Human Factor Study Creates Safer Waste to Energy Operation

Honeywell Control System Transforms Finnish Waste to Energy Plant

Honeywell Process Solutions has transformed the operational efficiency of a Finnish waste to energy facility operated by Riikinvoima Oy in Leppävirta.

Honeywell Finland Waste to Energy automation

Houstan based Honeywell Process Solutions (HPS) has transformed the operational efficiency of a Finnish waste to energy facility operated by Riikinvoima Oy in Leppävirta.

The company explained that the instation of its Experion® Orion control room technology is based on a human factor study, with a two-position console which incorporates intuitive graphics to allow safer, faster and more consistent operations, from process start-ups to abnormal situations and alarms.

The console's ergonomic design is said to reduce fatigue and creates a healthier working environment as well as higher situational awareness for plant operators.

"A crucial factor for the success of this project was a joint workshop, in which we defined key elements of the human machine interface (HMI) design," said Juha Räsänen, managing director at Riikinvoima Oy.

"Now we are able to control our process in a standardised way, no matter who is running the plant, and react to any changes in the boiler condition quickly. This is how we can convert waste into energy in a safer, more environmentally-friendly and efficient way, allowing us to cost-effectively deliver energy to our customers," Räsänen continued.

According to Honeywell, the new technologies are enabling Riikinvoima Oy to run its circulating fluidized bed boiler – the first of its type in Finland – at an optimal level, meeting strict environmental regulations.

In addition to the Experion Orion Console, the Leppävirta site will implement Honeywell's Field Device Manager, which uses smart instrumentation to perform device configuration and management capabilities.

It will also add Control Performance Monitor, an application that monitors, diagnoses and remedies control asset issues, allowing Riikinvoima Oy to detect problems and predict maintenance needs as early as possible.

"This is very much a control room of the future," said Joe Bastone, global Experion product director, HPS. "Our solution combines human factors science with advanced technology to present critical data to operational engineers in a totally new way. This has helped improve and standardize process control at the site, unleashing new production efficiencies that are strengthening the business."

Riikinvoima Oy previously implemented Honeywell's Experion® Process Knowledge System (PKS) and Safety Manager, the company's flagship distributed control system and its safety solution. Honeywell also supplied Uniformance® PHD, which helps customers make better and faster decisions by using advanced data management. Honeywell was initially selected as a technology supplier by global EPC Andritz Group.

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