Waste Baler Demonstration for Over 90 Attendees

HSM Showcases Waste Baling Technology at Open Day in Lake Constance, Germany

Nearly to 90 experts from the waste disposal sector attended a recent event held by German waste baler manufacturer, HSM GmbH + Co. KG at Lake Constance.

HSM balers Recycling packaging paper

Nearly to 90 experts from the waste disposal sector attended a recent event held by German waste baler manufacturer, HSM GmbH + Co. KG at Lake Constance.

The event was launched by Jan-Peter Krupczynski, Global Sales and Marketing Director Environmental Technology at HSM and Andrea Falco, Head of Sales UK, France, Spain & Italy. The aim was to provide participants with impressive facts about HSM and its product portfolio.

HSM distribution partners also travelled from Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Italy, the Czech Republic, Romania, Russia, Indonesia and many other countries to attend.

The company said that In its company history, now spanning almost 50 years, it has always kept an eye on future markets and developments. For example, the introduction of the container-deposit legislation for PET bottles in Germany in 2005. Thanks to its patented crusher technology, HSM noted that it is a supplier to almost all major reverse vending machine manufacturers.

Two years later the company launched one of the largest fully automated channel baling presses in its product range – the HSM VK 12018, with 120 tonnes of pressing force. Conference participants were able to observe this machine in action in the Salem plant.

HSM added that driven by environmental concerns, it was the first manufacturer to deliver a frequency-controlled drive for large presses. This drive technology makes energy savings of up to 40% possible.

New Addition
The latest addition to the product range is the HSM HL 7009 MGB horizontal baling press. Using the integrated hydraulic lifting and tipping device, it is suitable for the simple emptying of large waste containers. In addition, HSM is currently working on a cross strapping unit for large horizontal baling presses.

HSM added that it invests about 4 to 5 percent of its turnover in state-of-the-art production technology as well as buildings and process optimisation. This allows HSM to directly influence quality and ensure high availability of spare parts.

During a tour of the production plant in visitors were shown around the painting facility, in which up to 7 metre long components weighing up to 20 tonnes are sand-blasted and painted or powder-coated. In recent years, HSM has also invested in automation in the welding area and commissioned the eleventh model of its robot welding system, with a load capacity of up to 12 tonnes.

HSM once again presented itself as a specialist in fulfilling customer-individual requirements. Each solution is custom-tailored and makes a significant contribution to improve customer-specific efficiency. From the first visit to the customer's premises to the maintenance of the machines, HSM is always there for its customers. In the HSM Academy, employees as well as customers and business partners are trained on an ongoing basis.

The visitors also saw baling presses of all sizes and performance capacities exhibited in HSM's assembly hall, featuring fully automated channel baling presses as well as a wide range of vertical and horizontal baling presses.

One of the largest fully automated channel baling presses, the HSM VK 12018, has an extremely high pressing force of 1,200 kN and a large filling hole of 1800 mm. This model is also available with a frequency-controlled drive option.