Largest Tyre Recycling Facility in UAE

An 8000 kg per hour tyre recycling facility has been opened in Al Ain, Abu Dhabi, making it the largest in the United Arab Emirates.

25 November 2011

An 8000 kg per hour tyre recycling facility has been opened in Al Ain, Abu Dhabi, making it the largest in the United Arab Emirates.
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Largest Tyre Recycling Facility in UAE

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According to Danish manufacturer Eldan Recycling, which supplied the equipment, the plant is capable of producing granulate of between 0.5 mm and 4 mm..

In both Abu Dhabi and the UAE as a whole, there is an increasing emphasis on recycling, not only as a means of improving the environment, but also as a real business opportunity.

There are several million old tyres in Abu Dhabi, many of them in unmanaged landfills. With the high risk of fire in the region these tyres represent a threat to both health and the environment.

The new facility will shred and further downsize the old tyres before sorting the granulate in a number of steps. Eldan said that once the granulate emerges as a final product it is 99.9% free from steel and textile.

The end product from the facility can be sold for use in a number of products such as sports field and playground surfaces, insulating material for noise insulation or hoses for under soil irrigation and as an additive to asphalt for road construction.

The new tyre recycling facility was marketed by Ferrostaal as part of the comprehensive service package for the plant-operator OMNIX, and will contribute to the expansion of recycling activities planned by the Centre of Waste Management, Emirate of Abu Dhabi.

Currently less than 1% of all waste is recycled in the UAE.

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