Italian Firm Triples its Efforts with IFAT Launches

MAC/2 Balers: The MACPRESSE Signature Series Taking Europe by Storm

Besides conquering three countries - France, Germany & Italy - MACPRESSE's new MAC/2 series of balers comes in three models as part of the new Signature Series specifically conceived to meet the constantly changing waste treatment market demands.

MAC 110

Image © Macpresse

Besides already conquering three Countries the new MAC/2 series of balers - operative in France, Germany and Italy - also comes in three models part of the new MACPRESSE signature series specifically conceived to meet the constantly changing waste treatment market demands.

As a matter of fact, two years after launching its new generation of machines, MACPRESSE - a historical Italian company specialising in designing and manufacturing waste and recyclable materials balers - is still staking on the new range of machines, which has been an overwhelming success up to now.

After MAC 110/2 and MAC 108/2, MACPRESSE unveils MAC 107/2, the third model of the MAC/2 series designed at its manufacturing site in Vernate, in the outskirts of Milan. Furthermore, MAC 107/2 is specifically designed for companies pursuing medium production while simultaneously striving for high production standards at a low cost.

Official launch at IFAT 2018
The choice of launch location fell on the IFAT trade fair once again. Just like two years ago, MACPRESSE will be in Munich together with MAC SERVICE - its close partner in Germany, Austria and Hungary - where it will unveil its new range of machines (stand B5.451/550). As a matter of fact, it was at IFAT 2016 where MACPRESSE launched MAC 110/2, the first model of the new series, followed by MAC 108/2 which was unveiled at Ecomondo the year after and now in 2018 by MAC 107/2, the smallest of the three balers.

On the MACPRESSE's website it is possible to read more information about the new MAC/2 series.

It has been an instant success!
Even more performing compared to the previous MAC/1 series - already widely acclaimed by many of MACPRESSE customers across the globe due to its reliability and low energy consumption - the MAC/2 series has received several orders within a few months and it is already operative in major Italian and European plants. MAC 110/2 is operative in France, at Deroo - a member of the Paprec Group - as well as in Germany, where it was selected by Jakob Becker, Feddersen & Starke and Böhme for some of its most important factories.

On the other hand, a few months after launch, MAC 108/2 is already operative in Italy at the Specchia Group transfer station, where it has already considerably exceeded the expected bale density. As a matter of fact, the obtained mixed plastic bales measure 190 cm long and weigh 1 ton, thus reaching the weight standards required, for transportation in Italy for instance, by the Corepla consortium (ranging between 22 and 25 tons per truck). MAC 108/2 will soon be installed in other Italian plants too. In the meantime, the brand new Mac 107/2 is ready for first delivery in Switzerland at Vögele Recycling AG.

“We opted for the series /2 baler, i.e. MAC110/2, because it met all requirements needed for optimal performance in terms of bale density and low consumption. We have been customers of MACPRESSE for the last 13 years now and we are solely equipped with their machines due to their reliability and strength. Furthermore, we found an incomparable, prompt and meticulous point of reference in MAC SERVICE. So, ours was a safe bet. As a matter of fact, after one and a half years of work I can confirm that we are very happy with the new MAC 110/2 because it has met all expectations and proven to be extremely reliable,” explained Stefan Böhme, Inhaber und GF der BÖHME GmbH.

The features of the new MAC/2 series
The new generation of MAC/2 balers comes with some new features that make these machines more efficient, easier to use and more performing as compared to the balers of the previous series (MAC/1). As a matter of fact, the improvement of the mechanics of the MAC/2 series helped reducing frictions further while maintenance costs dropped too.

The enhanced performance hydraulic units boost the output of the machines while the high efficiency IE3 electric motors enables achieving an up to 30% energy saving. Lastly, the new balers come with a perfected remote control system, which does not however forego ease of use.

As a matter of fact, as compared to the previous MAC 107/1, the new MAC 107/2 baler unveiled at the IFAT trade fair provides a much higher bale density: +30% for cardboard and +15% for plastics.

“We have achieved these results thanks to several improvements in the machine mechanics and hydraulics, and the result rewarded us with an increase in density which ranges from 10% to 30% more compared to the MAC 107/1, without increasing the specific pressure of the machine! Our objective is to satisfy the requests of those with medium/low production who want to reduce costs without giving up medium/high production standards with all materials, from cardboard to plastic.” Giuliano Scotuzzi - MACPRESSE Owner

With the MAC/2 machines, MACPRESSE is still staking on product innovation to meet the demands of its customers, who are faced with competition in a constantly changing market, by designing and manufacturing balers not just capable of matching the reliability and toughness of the MAC/1 series - the machines that went down in the history of the waste industry - but even more efficient both from production and consumption standpoints.