Performance Gains for EBI Environnement MRF

Machinex Completes Recycling Facility Upgrade in Quebec

Canadian recycling equipment manufacturer, Machinex, has completed upgrade work on EBI Environnement’s material recycling facility in Quebec.


Canadian recycling equipment manufacturer, Machinex, has completed upgrade work on EBI Environnement’s material recycling facility in Quebec.

According to Machinex the updated facility is now one of the most advanced in Quebec and include a ballistic separator which can sort fibres (newspaper, paper, etc.), containers and fines, as well as a ferrous metal magnet, and an Eddy Current separator that sorts aluminium.

Three MACH Hyspec® optical sorters are also a part of the system. Machinex explained that the first one cleans newspaper, the second one ejects PET and fibres, and the third one sorts HDPE as well as mixed plastics.

The equipment mechanically sorts upstream of where manual sorting is done.

Based in the Lanaudière and Montreal, EBI employs more than 500 people in the waste material management and renewable energy sectors.

The latest upgrade to its plant represents an investment of around CAD$3 million.

All Change
Machinex said tha now that the modernised MRF is functional a significant change can be seen in the way that things are done at the plant. Employees who formerly had to manually sort an enormous quantity of materials are now working to the final quality control of containers and prints that are arriving on the sorting table.

“For EBI Environnement, continuous improvement of our way of doing things and equipment are the center of our preoccupations,” commented Audrey Castonguay, director at EBI.

“With our new equipment we can increase the overall quality of material recovered, particularly with fibers, plastic and aluminum containers,” he continued.

“Optical sorting has become a major component of MRF’s upgrades since it can sort a large quantity of materials within a short period of time, and obtain a higher quality”, comments David Marcouiller, Machinex’s executive VP of sales engineering

He added that EBI has been a long-time customer over the years and that the collaboration between the two firms was crucial to the success of the project.

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