Upgrades to Cut Cleaning & Maintenance Time by 50%

Machinex to Debut Latest MACH Hyspec Optical Sorter at Waste Expo

Machinex has carried out a full design review of its MACH Hyspec optical sorter and unveiled the latest version of the machine.


Canadian recycling equipment manufacturer, Machinex, has carried out a full design review of its MACH Hyspec® optical sorter and unveiled the latest version of the machine.

As part of this process, the company said that it made the decision to totally revamp the overall appearance of the unit, which will be unveilled at Waste Expo, in Las Vegas, May 7-9. Machinex Experts will be at booth 2800 to present the new features of the machine to the visitors.

Machinex explained that its research & development department has been working closely with its design engineers during the past year in response to detailed communication, with our customers to meet their needs.

The revised access features within the new design are said to result in a 50% saving in the cleaning and maintenance time required, with the added benefit of improving the ergonomic operation and the general safety for the staff.

With the overall increase in the use of optical sorting within new and existing facilities, Machinex expects these features to result in significant time savings per shift.

“We are constantly focused on the requests and requirements from the industry with safety, maintenance, and operational availability as our core focus,” said Jonathan Ménard, Executive VP Sales and Strategic Positioning at Machinex. “We recently surveyed several existing customers, many of the comments/requests have been featured within the new improved design and operation of our MACH Hyspec® Optical Sorter.”

“The new ergonomic design provides increased ease of access for maintenance and servicing,” he continued. “We also significantly refreshed the esthetics of the unit by harmonizing its design with the newly released SamurAI robot.”

The new design features include a built-in platform allowing a standing working position (81’’ height x 23’’ width), claimed to be the biggest in the industry, incorporating a full-size access door into the ejection hood.

An internal guard rail system is said to ensure the security of the worker when inside the machine and the optional secondary splitter will be positioned by a rail when the platform moves into place.

The manufacturer explained that both the lighting system and the ejection nozzles bar can move into an ideal position to facilitate cleaning and maintenance. As for the outside of the machine, an access ladder has been added to maintain the components accessible from the speed belt conveyor, also installed is a mechanism to easily retract the air tunnel.

A video explaining the upgrades can be viewed below.


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