Metso Secures Waste to Energy & District Heating Automation Orders in Finland

Helsinki, Finland based automation and control systems technology manufacturer, Metso is to supply automation technology to the Tarastenjrvi waste toenergy plant in Tamvpere, Finland.

Helsinki, Finland based automation and control systems technology manufacturer, Metso is to supply automation technology to the Tarastenjärvi waste toenergy plant in Tamvpere, Finland.

Owned by Tammervoima, the 150,000 tonne per year Tarastenjärvi waste to energy facility (pictured) is currently under construction. Once operational it is expected to supply around 300 GWh of district heating per year, as well as around 90 GWh of electricity.

Tammervoima is jointly owned by Tampereen Sähkölaitos Group – itself owned by the City of Tampere, and local waste management company Pirkanmaan Jätehuolto  - owned by 17 regional municipalities.

Metso explained that as part of the deal it will supply its DNA automation and information management system, a safety automation system, a plant performance monitoring application, a calculation and reporting application for emissions monitoring, factory acceptance testing, installation, training and commissioning.

The technology manufacturer said that it expected to deliver the equipment in 2015, with handover is scheduled for January 2016.

The company added that it is also to supply automation equipment Tampereen Sähkölaitos Group’s Hervanta woodchip-fired heating plant.

The 49.5 MW woodchip-fired heating plant will be connected to the city's district heating grid as a base load plant, and it will produce district heat mainly for the Hervanta area.

Heat production will start in May 2015. The automation order was placed by Valmet, which recently de-merged from Metso and is responsible for the turnkey delivery of the heating plant.

In addition to the automation orders, Tampereen Sähkölaitos Group has also ordered an energy management system from Metso.

The manufacturer explained that its production optimisation system will be integrated with Tampereen's existing Metso DNA automation and information system.

The new system is expected to optimise the utilisation of the plant by taking into account the district heat demand, electricity purchases and sales, fuel prices and availability of the plants.

With the data collection, analyses, consumption forecasts and reports provided by the system, the Metso said that Tampereen will be able to improve the efficiency of production planning and make operations more economical overall at its power plants.

All three orders are included in the second-quarter 2014 orders received by Metso's Automation segment. The value of the orders will not be disclosed.

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