St Helier Municipal Services Undates Recycling Line as Waste Stream Grows

Middleton Engineering to Install In-Floor Conveyer for Recycling Firm on Jersey

Middleton Engineering has secured a new contract from St Helier Municipal Services on the Channel Island of Jersey to design and install an in-floor conveyor solution the handling of recyclable materials for its expanding baling operation

Glastonbury, UK based recycling equipment manufacturer, Middleton Engineering, has secured a new contract from St Helier Municipal Services on the Channel Island of Jersey to design and install an in-floor conveyor solution the handling of recyclable materials for its expanding baling operation.

The company explained that St Helier is responsible for kerbside waste collections and residential recycling for one third of the population plus card and packaging waste from 70% of the island’s commercial properties, all of which is sorted, baled and transported off island for reprocessing. A growing population, currently around 100,000 and with rising tourist numbers, adds to the pressure.

Middleton said that the new chain conveyorm which will incorporate a two metre in-floor section rising at an angle of 30 degrees in a swan neck configuration, will make it both easier and faster to load an existing SCAPA ME 80 horizontal baler, supplied by Middleton’s in 2014.

The company added that as part of St Helier’s materials recycling line, the new conveyor is designed to feed material at up to 3 tonnes per hour or 24 tonnes per day, providing a consistent material feed to load the baler correctly and improve throughput.

The in-floor section is expected to significantly improve loading and at the same time reduce the level of manual handling. It was also said that the process will contribute to the production of consistent bales of waste material, in terms of weight and size, to further optimise containerised transportation and storage.

Under the contract, Middleton said that it is responsible for the design, manufacture and installation of the conveyor which is due for completion by June 2016, plus designs for the civil works including the pit for the in-floor section of the conveyor.

Ease of access for scheduled cleaning and maintenance were also said to be important design considerations. These allow debris to be removed and preventative maintenance to be carried out at required weekly intervals to limit service interruption.

Middleton added that safety is also crucial aspect of the design and with an overall length of 11.5 metres the conveyor incorporates a fully adjustable safety rope pull system over the conveyor with dual channel reset switches at each end.

Other features were said to include an automatic chain lubricator, an energy-efficient motor with soft start to minimise wear and speed controls to optimise flow rates.

“Optimising our recycling capacity and throughput for commercial and residential waste is crucial and this latest upgrade from Middleton Engineering will both simplify and speed up how we load the baler,” commented Piers Tharme, facilities & resources manager at St Helier Municipal Services.

“This in turn will help with throughput, increasing efficiency at the depot, and improve the overall consistency of the process,” he continued.

Mark Smith, engineering director for Middleton Engineering added: “The new conveyor is in final assembly and we expect to deliver to site and install on schedule by the beginning of June.”

He also noted that the company has supplied a number of island communities including operators in Guernsey and Malta.  

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