New Product Launches for Recycling & Manufacturing Industries

New Shredders & Granulators from BHS-Sonthofen to Debut at IFAT

German recycling equipment manufacturer, BHS-Sonthofen, is to unveil its new type NGU Universal Shredder at the forthcoming IFAT 2016 exhibition in Munich.

IFAT 2016 Recycling shredding BHS-Sonthofen

German recycling equipment manufacturer, BHS-Sonthofen, is to unveil its new type NGU Universal Shredder at the forthcoming IFAT 2016 exhibition in Munich.

The company said that the new product extends its range of single-shaft shredders with a machine designed for conventional recycling facilities, as well as for use in the manufacturing industry.

The new shredder has been designed for processing all materials that can be cut and has a throughput of 6.5 tonnes per hour when used with a screen perforation of 30 mm.

However, the new Universal Shredder of type NGU is also said to be capable of shredding the loaded material to a size between 20 and 100 mm.

The company said that it can be used at conventional recycling facilities for shredding various materials including paper and paper rolls, for destroying files and data media, as well as for almost all plastic parts, leather and textiles, residual wood, cables or parts made from PET.

It was also said to be suitable for production companies that generate large volumes of waste. In this field of application, it size reduces the material so it can be processed further at the same facility or to facilitate transportation to the treatment company.

“Our aim is for our customers to achieve the lowest possible processing costs per tonne,” explained Dennis Kemmann, managing director of BHS-Sonthofen GmbH.

“Before getting down to the design, we asked many users what their main shredding requirements were,” he continued. “Their answers and the long-standing experience of our engineers were incorporated into the design. The result: A completely newly developed machine that economically shreds everything you can possibly cut.”

SpeedCut Granulator

IFAT will also see the company debut its latest Granulator, optimised for an output of 20 t/h.

The manufacturer said that its new SpeedCut Granulators of type NGV are aimed at for shredding Refuse Derived Fuels (RDF) and other high-calorific material.

The machines were said to offer high throughput rates of more than 20 t/h, and be among the most powerful granulators available on the market.

When designing the new granulator, the company said that its engineers not only paid close attention to good cutting results and high throughput, but also ensured to build a machine that is durable throughout.

As such the machines are claimed to be among just a few granulators in the market place to have a solid rotor shaft.

In operation feed material is loaded into the inlet hopper by wheel loaders or via conveyor belts. This was said to be designed so that no bridges form, even with large feed volumes. As the material is fed from above, the feed material moves to the rotor through the force of gravity.

A hydraulically operated slide also presses the material into the gap between the rotor shaft equipped with blades and the stationary stator blades, where it is cut.

The rotor was said to have an exceptionally large diameter for a granulator, making it sturdy and offering a high inertia mass. Its surface also said to provide space for a large number of blades – an essential requirement for a high number of individual cuts per revolution and hence high throughput.

BHS-Sonthofen explained that the stator blades consist of several segments and can be individually calibrated and replaced, allowing the gap width to be optimally maintained over the length of the rotor.

This was said to ensure that the machine attains consistently good cutting results. Thanks to the large diameter of the rotor, the SpeedCut Granulator (NGV) achieves a very high cutting performance of up to 170 m per second.

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