soPegEx Improves Productivity and Profit and Cuts Risks

PegEx Supplies Hazardous Waste Management Software to Three Big New Customers

Madison, Wisconsin based software developer for the hazardous waste industry, soPegEx, Inc. has supplied its PegEx Pto three major new customers - Red Technologies, EnviroSmart and EnviroCare.


Madison, Wisconsin based software developer for the hazardous waste industry, PegEx, Inc. has supplied its PegEx to three major new customers - Red Technologies, EnviroSmart and EnviroCare.

According to the developer, its cloud-based PegEx Platform improves productivity, helps eliminate risks, and increases revenues across their waste management businesses. 

PegEx Platform is a cloud-based waste management platform for the Waste Management Industry said to provide flexibility, ease of use and functionality when implemented into a brand’s operations and customer experience. According to PegEx, businesses choose PegEx on the strength of its platform and the industry and technical knowledge of the company. 

Brooks Parker, Rail Logistics and Waste Management Operations Coordinator at RED Technologies commented:

“Our team has spent the past several years struggling with an antiquated software program that lost focus on our industry and needs.

“The PegEx platform is providing a comprehensive solution to show a tangible return over our former provider through their modern, cloud-based platform.

“They also possess the people and processes to guarantee success and future-proof our business. We recently hosted the Director of Enablement for a site visit and our team is very excited to launch the platform, customized to fit our needs identified during the visit and discovery process.”

The PegEx Platform integrates required technical data into end-to-end process automation and informs the waste management decision-making process. The people Brooks refers to is comprised of technology and waste industry experts, who possess a thorough understanding of all aspects of this highly regulated industry.

Michael Costa, Director of Operations at EnviroSmart said, “EnviroSmart is a national leader in providing integrated environmental, construction, industrial, and safety services. 

“A large part of our business includes the management of waste disposal services in both the federal and commercial sectors. We are a licensed hauler of hazardous waste and also work with a vast network of transporters and disposal facilities across the country. 

“We chose PegEx as a preferred platform to streamline our ability to manage shipments more cost-effectively by reducing administrative time preparing documents and coordinating logistical needs. 

“We are confident that PegEx will easily provide value to our business and clients. Our goal is to reduce our resource needs by using PegEx as a management software tool, which will also aid in ensuring regulatory compliance needs are met.”

For Enviro Care, this was not their first experience with waste management software. Ron Henderson, CEO said:

“Enviro Care has been searching for a comprehensive software program to manage the complexities of our waste service offerings for over 12 years.

“After launching and failing miserably with 2 previous software applications, we have been overly impressed with PegEx’s ability to produce what others couldn’t. As an added bonus, PegEx integrates perfectly across all our business verticals with its strong CRM functionality.”

David DiPasquale, PegEx Chief Revenue Officer (CRO), concluded: “We are honoured and delighted to partner with EnviroSmart, Red Technologies and Enviro Care, Inc.

As our partner network grows exponentially, these innovative companies recognize the value of leveraging PegEX technologies to tangibly improve productivity, increase operational efficiencies and optimize revenues in key areas of their business. We are proud to be working with each of them.”