Petoskey Plastics expands to Texas and plans 30 mio dollar site

The recycler and plastic film, bag, and resin manufacturer will invest 30 million dollar in a new plant in the Dallas area, its fourth U.S. facility.

Petoskey Plastics plastics Recycling

The COVID-19 pandemic pushed the company over capacity and created high customer demand for its film products such as trash bags, construction sheeting, and automotive seat covers. A combination of converting and extruding lines in the new Texas facility will increase output by approximately 15 percent over the next 12 months to help meet this growing demand. 

The existing building is over 53,000 square feet. Building expansion is scheduled for completion in August 2022 and includes an additional 40,000 to 60,000 square feet for converting and warehouse space, nine silos, and rail spurs. CEO Jason Keiswetter stated, “this facility will give us the opportunity to be closer to our raw material suppliers in the Gulf and will help us service our West Coast customers.  We will be cutting our delivery time in half for both raw material and finished goods and will be more competitive, overall.  This plant will start production as early as April and receive the most state-of-the art equipment available in the blown film market space over the coming months.” Petoskey Plastics plans to grow the Texas facility to a total of approximately 130,000 square feet within five years.