Recycling, Biogas and Energy Recovery Facilities for Ohio Landfill

Team Gemini has entered into an agreement to build a landfill receiving facility and materials recycling facility in Ohio.

Orlando, Florida based Team Gemini, a sustainable project design and development company, has entered into an agreement with the Solid Waste Authority of Central Ohio to build a landfill receiving facility and materials recycling facility (MRF) on SWACO property in Grove City, Ohio.

Once the project is completed, the company explained that all municipal solid waste (MSW) will be delivered to the landfill receiving facility (LRF), where it will be directed to either the MRF or the landfill - a procedure that will allow haulers to remain on pavement without having to climb the hill.

According to Team Gemini, initially, the MRF will be able to process up to 2000 tons (1814 tonnes) per day, with plans to process the entire waste stream in the future - thus achieving nearly 100% recycling of the MSW received from the LRF.

The LRF will be owned and operated by SWACO, while the MRF will be owned and operated by Team Gemini. Combined, the buildings will cover an area of over 185,000 Square feet (17,000 square metres).

The company added that after recyclable materials are recovered the balance of the organic waste will be pre-processed for use in anaerobic digesters to produce biogas, as well as other sustainable energy generation technologies.

"Though we are starting with 25% recycling, we have the goal to one day reach close to 100 percent recycling, and eventually mining the landfill for resources while increasing the revenue of SWACO in the process," commented Doug Haughn, founding partner of Team Gemini and vice president of business development for professional energy services.

Research park

In addition to the LRF and MRF projects, Team Gemini said that it has signed a lease with SWACO to develop a 343 acre tract of land to create an industrial and research park that will serve as a sustainable business cluster powered by the waste stream located within a Community Reinvestment Area (CRA).

The developer claimed that an integral benefit for tenants of the sustainable industrial park will include access to recyclable by-products recovered from the MSW processing, which can be used to generate power or create new products from recycled materials.

The company said that it plans to become the anchor tenant in the industrial park, which will be named Gemini Synergy Center, and will build process facilities for recycled products and manufacturing to be powered by the waste stream.

The park is planned to include a biogas plant, a facility for converting compost into fertilisers and hybrid soils, and a plastics to oil conversion plant.
According to the company it will also manage an additional 35 acres of state-of-the-art automated greenhouses which can grow organic food year round.

The project represents a $300 million investment by Team Gemini, which could create up to 300 new jobs and a further 500 temporary construction jobs.

Construction of the entire site is expected to take up to five years, although the LRF and MRF an planned to be operational in two.

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