Over 450 Material Recycling Facilities Installed Globally

Recycling Equipment Manufacturer CP Manufacturing Turns 40

San Diego, California based CP Manufacturing is celebrating its 40 years of supplying equipment and processing solutions to the recycling industry.

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San Diego, California based CP Manufacturing is celebrating its 40 years of supplying equipment and processing solutions to the recycling industry.

The family-owned business, was born out of the scrap metals industry. CP’s sister company, IMS Recycling, was founded in 1954 by Charles M. Davis who invented the world’s first aluminum can flattener in the early 1970’s. Later, the CP2000 Can Flattener revolutionized the scrap industry and helped pioneer the era of recycling.

After the aluminum can had become a common beverage container, CP Manufacturing was formed in 1977 in response to the growing demand for aluminum flatteners and densifiers. Since then, the company said that it has developed dozens of patents and expanded its equipment and solutions portfolio as recycling and waste handling evolved.

The manufacturer explained that in the 1980’s and 1990’s it recognised that the trend was turning toward kerbside recycling. As the United States and other countries worked to increase the effectiveness of recycling by making it easier for consumers to participate and more cost effective to implement, CP dedicated their research and development efforts to assist in this effort.

Since 2003, CP Manufacturing has acquired several other top recycling equipment manufacturers and solutions providers, including MSS, Inc., Krause Manufacturing, and Advanced MRF. The family of companies, known as CP Group, was founded to provide one-stop-shop turn-key recycling systems for a variety of recycling and waste diversion operations.

Today, CP said that it makes some of the largest and most advanced material recycling facilities in operation and has built over 450 MRFs worldwide.

The company added that it continues to invest heavily in R&D and automation technology to stay ahead of the changing material streams. And true to its family roots, the company still offers the original can densor product lines.

“At CP Manufacturing, we’ve always been driven by the simple goal of providing high-performance recycling machinery that last,” said Bob Davis, second generation and owner of CP Manufacturing. “For 40 years, CP has been a pioneer in the recycling industry, and we will continue to drive the industry forward for the next 40.”  

Ashley Davis, third-generation family-owner and sales and marketing director of CP Group added: “We are and always have been a family-owned and operated company. What sets us apart is that we treat our customers like family. Their success is our success. We’re with them for the long haul.”

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