Ash Recycling Project on Roosevelt Regional Landfill

Republic Services & Lab USA Team Up on Metal Recycling from Ash Project at Washington Landfill

Republic Services, Inc. and Lab USA, a subsidiary of French firm CNIM, have unveiled an ash metal recovery facility at the Roosevelt Regional Landfill in Washington.


Phoenix, Arizona based waste and recycling firm, Republic Services, Inc. (NYSE: RSG) and emission control firm Lab USA, a subsidiary of French firm CNIM, have unveiled an ash metal recovery facility at the Roosevelt Regional Landfill in Washington. 

Republic Services said that the process used at the facility allows for the reclamation of metals found in ash previously lost through traditional methods of resource recovery. 

The facility is set to recycle metals from all newly delivered ash to the Roosevelt Landfill as well as systematically process all of the existing ash currently in the landfill. 

"The removal of metals from ash is a big step in recycling efforts and it is the first step in the beneficial use of ash, on which Lab USA is focused," commented Brent DuBois, president and CEO of Lab USA.

It was estimated that the facility will recover and recycle over 46,200 tons (41,900 tonnes) of ferrous metals and 42,900 tons (38,900 tonnes) of non-ferrous metals. 

The expected recovery of 4290 tons (3900 tonnes) of copper could make approximately 24.9 million (759km) linear feet of half-inch copper piping - enough pipe to stretch from Roosevelt to New Orleans and back. 

Roosevelt Landfill also utilises the methane produced by the waste collected by municipalities across Washington to generate energy. 

Working with the Klickitat Public Utility District, the landfill currently provides enough energy to power up to 30,000 local households annually.

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