Republic Services Opens World's Largest Recycling Facility in San Jose

Phoenix, Arizona based waste management company, Republic Services has officially opened the world's largest material recovery facility at the Newby Island Resource Recovery Park.

10 August 2012

Phoenix, Arizona based waste management company, Republic Services (NYSE:RSG) has officially opened the world's largest material recovery facility (MRF) at the Newby Island Resource Recovery Park.

The 110 tons per hour (100 tonnes per hour) multi-stream system has been designed, manufactured, and installed by Oregon based recycling systems manufacturer, Bulk Handling Systems (BHS) and will process all commercial waste generated in San Jose, California, and recovers more than  80% of the material, greatly reducing the amount sent to landfill.

According to Republic Services, until now, the system for collecting commercial waste was managed by 20 different haulers with four to six providing standard solid waste/recycling collection services.

The company said that under this system rates varied widely for similar services and neighbouring businesses with less than half of the businesses receiving a recycling service. The new program is intended to view waste as a resource and provide standard recycling services for all.

The new system also sees the introduction of organic waste recycling with energy recovery.

"The new service will include the recycling of organic waste which will help businesses and the City alike achieve their sustainability goals," Chuck Reed, the City of San Jose's mayor explained at the opening ceremony.

According to the mayor, the investment in advanced waste processing facilities generates new green jobs, turns waste into energy, and moves the City significantly closer to achieving its Green Vision goal of diverting 100% of its waste from landfills.

Additionally, the hauling company servicing the 342 acre complex operates nearly 70 natural gas vehicles and provides wet/dry collection service to all San Jose businesses, and residential and commercial service to the City of Milpitas; commercial and industrial service in the Cities of San Jose and Santa Clara.

The company added that the landfill at the site recovers gas and features an onsite compressed natural gas fuelling station. 
Targets and technology

In addition to serving more than 8,000 San Jose businesses, the system also processes recyclables from 85,000 households and has the capacity to process 420,000 tons (382,000 tonnes) of material annually.

"In San Jose we are dealing with four distinct streams: organ¬ics, commercial dry waste, commercial single-stream, and residential single-stream," explained Rich Reardon, director of sales and marketing for BHS.

"Reaching a level of 80% meant recovering commodities that have traditionally been discarded. Breaking down the material stream and supplying processes to address each fraction ensures recovery optimisation. Designing the entire process around this principle allowed us to help Republic Services meet its goal," he added.
According to BHS the highly-automated system incorporates the world's most advanced screening, optical, and air separation technologies and is designed to maximise the recovery of marketable commodities and dramatically reduce the material going to landfill in San Jose.

The system consists of four processing lines: a residential single-stream line, a commercial single-stream line, a commercial dry recyclables line and a commercial wet recyclables line. The system also features a glass clean up system and a shared container line with seven optical sorting units.

The company expects the recovery rate to exceed 75% on the commercial lines and 95% on the residential single-stream line.

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