Height Reduction for Proposed Energy from Waste Plant Following Initial Consultation

Second Consultation Stage for Wheelabrator’s Planned 500,000 TPA Harewood Waste to Energy Plant

Waste to energy firm, Wheelabrator Technologies, has launched a statutory consultation on its plans for a 500,0000 tonne per year facility in Harewood, Hampshire.


Waste to energy firm, Wheelabrator Technologies, has launched a statutory consultation on its plans for a 500,0000 tonne per year facility in Harewood, Hampshire.

The proposed new energy from waste facility would process residual household and business waste, diverting it from landfill or export and instead use it to generate renewable baseload energy equivalent to the needs of over 110,000 homes.

In addition, Wheelabrator said that plant would enable the recycling of valuable materials and create opportunities for a wide range of local suppliers and supply chain companies. There would also be hundreds of full-time jobs created during its construction and approximately 50 new full-time jobs when it becomes operational.

The A303 Enviropark site is owned by Raymond Brown and is already a recognised strategic centre of excellence for integrated waste management in the region. This second stage consultation follows an initial consultation, which was held in February and March of this year. Since then, Wheelabrator has reviewed the public’s comments, and undertaken a significant number of technical assessments to develop more detail on what the facility could look like.

Specifically, Wheelabrator said that it has now prepared a Preliminary Environmental Information Report (PEIR) which sets out the different factors it has considered in developing its proposals. The PEIR covers a wide range of topics including landscape, air quality, traffic and socio economics. The consultation materials illustrate how Wheelabrator has considered and acted on the feedback it has received to date. Key changes include a reduction in the overall height of both the building itself and the stacks.

The company has also reacted to feedback on how the facility could look and is now presenting enhanced architectural designs for consideration. The community - and other consultees - now have an opportunity to review these more detailed plans and again have their say on the proposals.

Wheelabrator Technologies Vice President for Business Development, Paul Green commented:

“Since we held our first stage of consultation we’ve been considering the feedback we received and adding a lot more detail to our proposals in the areas that we know are important to local people.

“Our assessment work is continuing, and we will add even more detail as we finalise our application, but this consultation represents an opportunity for the community to consider how our proposals have changed and give us their views on those changes. “Our research shows that, even after all the Government’s recycling targets have been met, there will be around 900,000 tonnes of waste that’s being generated every year by Hampshire and the counties that are its immediate neighbours.

Our proposals represent an environmentally responsible opportunity to divert a large proportion of this waste from being sent to landfill or exported overseas.”

Copies of the consultation materials can be viewed from today at eight local venues – the Test Valley Borough Council offices in Andover, Andover Library, the Hampshire County Council offices in Winchester, Whitchurch Library, The Cricketers Inn and St Nicholas Church in Longparish and the Swan Inn and Village Hall in Barton Stacey. The consultation materials can be viewed, and feedback submitted, online at https://www.wtiharewood.co.uk/ and also at a series of five local drop-in events.

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