WMW’s Pick of this Week’s Online Waste Related Video Clips

SIX OF THE BEST: This Week’s Waste & Recycling Picks from YouTube

From a military flare going off in a MRF operative’s hand to DIY recyclers turning old laptop batteries into domestic ‘Powerwalls’, YouTube is packed with interesting stories.

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In a new weekly feature, the Waste Management World team will be rounding up our favourite YouTube videos for the waste industry.

From the DIY recyclers turning old laptop batteries into domestic ‘Powerwalls’, to a Ugandan plastic recycling initiative, and a military flare going off in a recycling operative’s  hand, YouTube is packed with interesting stories.

Here’s our pick for this week…

Lucky Escape as Military Flare Explodes In Recycling Worker's Hands

Thankfully the worker was not injured, but this clip is a sobering reminder of how stupid and/or careless people can be with what they put in their bins…



The ‘Fixers’ Recycling Laptop Batteries to Power Their Homes

The rechargeable batteries in your laptop, your cell phone, your headphones: all of these can be used to power your life and take you off the grid. DIY Powerwalls – rechargeable lithium-ion battery installations, made from recycled batteries – are the future of power, whether you know it or not.

Motherboard visits Jehu Garcia, a DIY Powerwall builder and enthusiast, and the folks at EV West in Southern California as well as the University of Michigan Battery Lab to see just how DIY Powerwalls can power your home, your car, and even the rest of your neighbourhood.



Using Robotic Technology to Research Waste Burning in Lebanon

Human Rights Watch has released a report that included, for the first time, photographic evidence of waste burning at Lebanese dumpsites collected with an autonomous robotic drone.  

Built by Sensefly, a subsidiary of Parrot Group, the small, hand-launched drone helped the organisation investigate the health risks of the widespread open burning of household waste in Lebanon – said to be the result of the government’s failure to manage solid waste.



Plastic Recycling Industries Uganda Turns Trash into Treasure
In a bid to rid the country of plastic waste and boost recycling, a subsidiary of Coca Cola Africa is rolling out a mass plastic collection and recycling campaign in the country starting with the five divisions of Kampala.

The plant which currently recycles close to 300 tonnes of plastic daily plans to partner with numerous organiaations to collect and recycle more plastic across the country.



Tis the Season to be Wasteful

Is it possible to have an amazing zero-waste Christmas?

Sarah Divall, Creative Co-ordinator at Hubbub, a charity which creates environmental campaigns, offers some tips to help viewers cut the spectacular levels of waste generated at this time of year.



MSW Derived ‘Ashcrete’ – The Material of Choice for Tump’s Wall?

No doubt, President Trump’s border wall is controversial - but could municipal waste form part of the construction materials?

This video describes how science and technology work in synergy to convert a pollutant material derived from the Municipal Solid Waste incineration process, ash, into a “Green Super Concrete – Ashcrete - with a wide range of beneficial applications and properties unmatched by today’s concretes”.

The properties are Photocathalysis, which is the ability of a material to breakdown pollutants present in the air…