Smaller & Cheaper Underground Vacuum Waste & Recycling Collection System from Envac

Swedish automated underground waste collection specialist, Envac, has launched a new system to meet growing population in cities throughout the world.

Recycling Landfill Collection & Transport

Stockholm, Sweden automated underground waste collection specialist, Envac, has launched a smaller new system to meet growing population in cities throughout the world.

The manufacturer explained that its Quantum system has been developed to occupy less space in densely populated areas, both below and above ground, and in places where space limitations make manual waste collection difficult.

It is expected to meet the demands of escalating urban development and the number of people that live in cities which, the company noted is expected to increase from its current 50% level to 70% in 2030 according to a UN estimate.

According to Envac, energy consumption of the Quantum is reduced by more than 50% compared to its standard system.

To achieve this, the company explained that waste is compacted right below the waste inlet in the storage pipe instead of upon arrival to the waste terminal, significantly reducing the number of valve emptyings.

The compacted waste is also said to allow a smaller dimension of pipes and a reduction of the airflow with as much as 50%. By using a tilted container at the end of the process, we are also using gravity force for a second compaction instead of using a hydraulic compactor with an electrical motor.

In energy terms Envac claimed that the Quantum will consume less energy per tonne of waste collected than any other comparable traditional waste collection - including waste collection vehicles.

With compaction at inlets the system company said that the new system can also increase the collection capacity by doubling the number of dwellings covered by each inlet.

In some cases, depending on type of waste or recycling being handled, a 400% compaction is said to be possible.

By doubling the number of dwellings covered by each inlet, fewer system inlets are needed. The company added that compacted waste and reduced pipe dimensions allow the transportation airspeed to be reduced - thus saving energy in terms of vacuum generation and reducing the cost of operation.

According to the manufacturer, the smaller pipe dimension and choice of plastic pipe material also result in a lower cost compared to a traditional steel pipe both in terms of material cost as well as handling and installation cost.

“Waste management is increasingly becoming one the of toughest challenges facing cities throughout the world,” commented Envac UK’s managing director, Patrick Haraldsson.

“Cities are no longer able to expand outwards and this is driving development upwards, which only increases a city’s density,” he continued.

“More innovative technology needs to be developed now to cater for waste collection of the future,” added Haraldsson.

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