Environmental Services Firm to Manage Waste from Animal Growth Supplement

SUEZ Renews Contracts Including Hazardous Waste Management with Adisseo

Animal nutrition specialist, Adisseo has renewed its contracts with environmental services firm SUEZ for hazardous waste treatment.

Animal nutrition specialist, Adisseo has renewed its contracts with environmental services firm SUEZ for hazardous waste treatment.

Adisseo’s activities involve synthesising methionine, an amino acid used as a nutritional supplement for poultry, pigs and ruminants to favour growth. This process takes place on its main production sites in France, located on the industrial platform in Roches-Roussillon.

The renewal of the partnership covers two contracts. Through hazardous waste arm, IWS, SUEZ treats the hazardous waste made up of the methionine stock solution in its Roussillon plant.

Since the two plants are on the same industrial platform, the complex waste is transported by a short circuit made up of a pipeline between the production site and the treatment plant.

According to SUEZ its specialised incineration unit and storage capacity guarantees uninterrupted service for Adisseo, while protecting the environment at the same time.

SUEZ also provides waste management services, from collection to recovery, on four of Adisseo’s production sites in Roches-Roussillon, Commentry, Bayonne and Toulouse.

With a single contact and its continual progress policy, the Group is helping Adisseo to improve its performance.

“SUEZ is supporting Adisseo in the long term to manage globally its waste and to reduce its environmental footprint. We are proud to offer our customer leading-edge industrial capacities, with a guarantee of uninterrupted service and a complete solution to achieve its environmental performance,”commented Azad Kibarian, CEO of IWS.

François Mailhos, Adisseo’s Industrial Director for Europe added: “Adisseo has found a reliable and flexible waste treatment service provider to support its growth and competitive performance. SUEZ has been rising to this challenge for more than 10 years, in a spirit of partnership and trust.”

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