Earth Day 2017 Opportunity to Highlight Dumpsite Cause

SWANA Joins ISWA’s Call to Close the World’s Biggest Dumpsites

In partnership with ISWA, the Solid Waste Association of North America has urged supporters to sign the declaration to close the world’s 50 largest dumpsites.

Image © SWANA

In partnership with ISWA, the Solid Waste Association of North America (SWANA) has urged supporters to sign the declaration to close the world’s 50 largest dumpsites.   

Created by the International Solid Waste Association (ISWA), the “Close the Dumpsites” campaign seeks to drive the closure of the world’s 50 largest dumpsites by 2030, in order to halt this growing environmental and global health emergency.

Some 2 million people worldwide live in dangerous conditions on dumpsites, scavenging food, metal, textiles, and other materials from waste. There are thousands of deaths every year.

These dumpsites receive an whopping 4 billion tonnes of municipal waste annually. Unmanaged, this waste is spread into rivers and oceans, is openly burned, and littered throughout cities.

SWANA said that Earth Day 2017 initiates a renewed, global focus on climate change and its threat to our planet’s overall well-being.  Many of the world’s largest dumpsites lack emission controls like landfills in the United States. Collectively, these sites could account for up to 10 percent of greenhouse gas emissions by 2025, making this a cause with real climate influence.

“Earth Day, established nearly 50 years ago, provides a forum for highlighting environmental concerns that affect us all here on earth,” explained Rich Allen, President of SWANA.

“The uncontained greenhouse gas emissions from these 50 landfills has a tremendous impact on our climate and finding more environmentally sound practices for waste disposal and/or finding uses for waste as a resource in these areas could alleviate those concerns,” he added.

This campaign has successfully inspired the closure of the Estrutural dumpsite in Brasilia, Brazil, one of the largest dumpsites in Latin America. As of February 2017, the regional government inaugurated an engineered sanitary landfill to replace the old dumpsite, which will close completely in 18 months.

“The response from many is encouraging, but we are still at the beginning of the journey,” said Antonis Mavropoulos, President of ISWA. “Help ISWA drive the “Close the Dumpsites” initiative and stimulate a global movement for closing down the world’s biggest dumpsites.”

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