EU Stage V Cummins Engines Offer More Power & Lower Emissions

Updated Wastemaster Wheeled Loaders from JCB

JCB has updated its 457, 437 and 427 Wastemaster wheeled loading shovels to meet the upcoming EU Stage V emissions legislation.


British plant equipment manufacturer JCB has updated its 457, 437 and 427 Wastemaster wheeled loading shovels to meet the upcoming EU Stage V emissions legislation.

The company explained that the new Stage V Wastemasters feature Cummins diesel engines that deliver an increase in engine power and a reduction in emissions and fuel consumption.

The biggest of the Wastemaster wheeled loader – the 457 – has had its power output boosted from 192kW (258hp) to 210kW (282hp), while the 437 now comes with 145kW (195hp), up from 136kW (183hp), and the 427’s engine delivers 123kW (165hp).

However, the Rocester based manufacturer said that when required – for instance, when lighter duties are being undertaken - the output of the engines can be reduced thanks to the machines’ two power modes, which are activated by the operator from the cab.

Additionally, the machines are now supplied as standard with a five-speed Powershift transmission, in place of the previous four-speed unit.

Because the loaders are able to operate both in low-power mode and with optimised efficiency through the use of better-spaced transmission ratios, fuel consumption is cut. The Stage V 457, for example, is up to 10 per cent more fuel efficient than the model it replaces.

If required, to optimise on-site safety the machines’ forward speed can be restricted. Other safety options include a roof-mounted forward-facing camera; proximity sensors that alert the operator to any obstructions to the rear of the loader; and seat belt beacons that flash when the operator seat belt is not engaged.

All Wastemaster wheeled loaders are offered with a choice of smooth non-traction or semi-solid tyres to eliminate the problems caused when waste products such as plastic bottles or metal cans become embedded in a tyre’s tread pattern.

Meanwhile extensive guarding has been fitted - such as underbelly protection for the transmission and driveline – to ensure that machine uptime is maximised even in the most hostile environments.

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