OPRL Extends its Collaboration with Waste Industry

Veolia First to Join On-Pack Recycling Label’s New Waste Management Company Category

Waste and recycling giant, Veolia, has become the first company to join the On-Pack Recycling Label scheme under the recently introduced Waste Management Company membership category.


Waste and recycling giant, Veolia, has become the first company to join the On-Pack Recycling Label (OPRL) scheme under the recently introduced Waste Management Company membership category.

OPRL Ltd, which operates the UK-wide On-Pack Recycling Label scheme used by over 540 member companies and charities, explained the new membership continues its collaboration with OPRL the waste management sector in its bid to advance recycling of packaging in the drive to improve sustainability. The organisation also noted that it was recently rated as global best practice by the UN Environment Programme.

Veolia's membership now means the company's large customer base can access a fully aligned service on the recyclability and labelling of their packaging as part of the OPRL membership.

Jane Bevis, Chair of OPRL, said : "Greater recycling is the measure of success of our operations and our members. Veolia joining  our rapidly growing organisation is another major step forward for us as we work to further reduce waste and drive circularity.

“Consumers are calling for both clear, simple and consistent labelling, and the assurance that the packaging they use touches as lightly as possible on the planet. By working closely with colleagues throughout the packaging and resources and waste management value cycle we believe OPRL can help deliver the Government's ambitious resources and recycling goals."

Tim Duret, Technology and Organics Director, Veolia UK and Ireland said: “From my perspective with a long involvement in the recycling sector, it’s really encouraging that the whole value chain is now coming together to overcome the barriers to creating a true circular economy for packaging.

“As new members, we're delighted to contribute to OPRL’s development of the labelling scheme and its expanding range of tools that genuinely reflect the UK recycling capabilities and challenge us all to do better.”

A Green Future
The UK Government endorses OPRL labelling in its strategy paper A Green Future: Our 25 Year Plan to Improve the Environment, 2018, saying: “Achieving zero avoidable plastic waste - at the end of use stage we will make it easier for people to recycle by continuing to support the industry-led On-Pack Recycling Labelling system and encourage all brands and retailers to use this system to provide information to householders.”  

Ongoing Efforts
Veolia concluded by saying that over the last decade Veolia has worked on key projects to advance the collection and recycling of materials and helped global manufacturers to design packaging that can be more easily recycled.

This has been supported with the development and commissioning of new infrastructure to capture and recycle more materials including 300 million plastic milk bottles, 100 million coffee cups and transforming 60,000 tonnes of glass bottles and jars into home insulation.

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