VIDEO UPDATE: Bollegraaf Robotic Recycler Demos at RWM Prior to Commercial Trial

Bollegraaf Recycling Solutions has introduced the latest version of its sorting robot - a fully automated robot able to pick multiple types of plastics, as well as paper and OCC, at this years RWM exhibition in Birmingham.

Dutch recycling equipment manufacturer, Bollegraaf Recycling Solutions has introduced the latest version of its sorting robot ,RoBB (Robotics By Bollegraaf) - a fully automated robot able to pick multiple types of plastics, such as PET, PE’s and PS, as well as paper and OCC, at this year’s RWM exhibition in Birmingham.

Speaking to WMW at the event, the company explained that the robot is able to sort around 4 tonnes of residual waste, which has already been through a recycling process, every hour and recover any remaining recyclables.

According to the company the machine is able to deliver high levels of purity and separation quality during the final stages of quality control, resulting in a significantly higher value of your output.

Bollegraaf added that the version of RoBB on display at the stand offers you a more intelligent sorting unit, which has been optimised by adding a second, laser-guided system detecting the height of waste products.

Combined, the company said that NIR (near infrared) and height cameras enable precision sorting of recyclables, by both material recognition and 3D detection, delivering a higher rate of purity and separation quality than previous versions.

Following the event, the machine demonstrated to visitors will undergo extensive testing at Hanbury Plastics Recycling in Stoke on Trent, UK.

A video featuring some great video footage live from the inside of RoBB as it demonstrated its capabilities at the show can be seen below.

Anti wrapping StarScreen

Also presented on the Bollograaf stand was Lupo Systems’ patented Anti Wrapping StarScreen, presented by its subsidiary, Lubo Systems.

According to the manufacturer, the machine combines the advantages of both a trommel and a traditional star screen, by taking out the potential disadvantages of both systems. I.E. it offers no wrapping of film, tape or textile, and no sausage formation of materials.

The company claimed that thanks to the aggressive agitation, even a high throughput will still lead to a high purity of materials, and that the modular set up of Lubo Anti Wrapping StarScreens enables it to fit into most existing recycling installations.

Additionally, Bollegraaf said that the machine can be placed under an angle as a ballistic screen, and offers high uptime thanks to flexible rubber stars which prevent for jamming.

Additionally the system features a patented Lubo disc quick connect system, which is said to allow for the fast change of shafts without dismounting the entire drive train.

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