Wrtsil Biogas Liquefaction Plant to Fuel Oslo Buses from Organic Wastes

Wrtsil has supplied a biogas liquefaction plant to Norwegian biowaste specialist, Cambi, to produce fuel for Oslo's buses from food waste.

Helsinki, Finland based Wärtsilä, which manufactures and services power generation and other equipment, has supplied a biogas liquefaction plant to the Norwegian biowaste treatment specialist, Cambi.

The company explained that the plant will be operated by Cambi on behalf of EGE (Waste to Energy Agency) and the City of Oslo, and will produce biomethane from household food waste to be used as biofuel for buses in Oslo.

When fully operable the plant, located in Nes, Romerike - an agricultural region close to Oslo, will process 50,000 tonnes of food waste per year to produce around 14,000 Nm3 (normal cubic metres) per day of biomethane.

According to Wärtsilä (Nasdaq OMX Helsinki, WRT1V), liquefying will decrease the volume by a factor of around 600, enabling the liquefied biogas (LBG) to be efficiently transported for use as fuel.

The company explained that the liquefaction plant installed at the Oslo biogas facility uses conventional components in a mixed refrigeration process, which is a scalable technology capable of at least 60 tonnes per day.

"This plant will mean that 135 Oslo region buses will be able to run on biogas. As a result, CO2 emissions will be reduced by some 10,000 tonnes a year and particle emissions will also be significantly lowered,” commented noted Jannicke Gerner Bjerkås, director of communications and CSR, at the Waste-to-Energy Agency, City of Oslo.

“The air will be cleaner and noise levels will be reduced, and these are benefits that everyone in the region will enjoy," she continued.

Tore Lunde, managing director of Wärtsilä Oil & Gas Systems added: "There is huge potential for the use of LBG from renewable energy sources as fuel for trucks and buses, and this project is an important step forward in developing this market.”

“This same technology can also be used in small liquefaction projects with other sources of gas as well, and we are excited about the future possibilities," Lunde said.

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