batteries : Hyundai Motor-Kia and SK Innovation collaborate to develop HEV batteries

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Hyundai Motor-Kia and SK Innovation are working together with the goal of developing and mass-producing pouch-type batteries optimized for electric vehicles and applying the batteries to actual vehicles. The batteries jointly developed by the two companies will start to be topped on Hyundai HEVs that are expected to launch in 2024.

This partnership is expected to further strengthen South Korea’s battery technology and competitive power.

They will be closely cooperating from the stage of designing to product evaluation and performance improvement to develop batteries optimized to the characteristics of the vehicles to be launched by Hyundai Motor-Kia. They aim to develop batteries that not only exhibit optimal performance according to various mobility but are also highly economically efficient.

With this, the two companies have built a new partnership model for automakers and battery manufacturers. By expanding the area of collaboration that leads the industrial ecosystem beyond the simple supplier-buyer relationship, their cooperative relationship has been further strengthened.

Both sides believe that this joint development and partnership model will be an innovative way to mutually lay the groundwork for the growth of electric vehicles and battery industry, in which although the design and production processes are separated, it is connected by a value chain.

This is the fruit of the two companies collaborating for over 10 years in the area of electric cars and batteries through various programs.

Starting from 2010 with the battery of “BlueOn”, the first electric car in South Korea, Hyundai Motor-Kia and SK Innovation have continued to collaborate on “Ray EV,” the first mass-produced electric car in South Korea, and “Soul EV,” the first electric car to be exported overseas, as well as on “IONIQ 5” and “EV6” from “E-GMP,” the first electric car-dedicated platform of Hyundai Motors – Kia.