waste to energy : Toyota's engine plant in Deeside plans ‘waste-to-energy’ solution

© Toyota

EQTEC is to collaborate with Toyota on scoping and evaluating the potential supply of bio-methane gas and green electricity. The project would also use manufacturing waste to generate power and could eventually see the carbon footprint at the Deeside Industrial Estate engine plant reduce on an annual basis.

In a statement, an EQTEC spokesperson said: “Toyota and EQTEC will work together towards the possibility of establishing a supply of power and gas to the Toyota engine manufacturing site through the construction and commissioning of the Deeside RDF Project that is adjacent to the Toyota site.”

“It is expected that the Deeside RDF Project will transform municipal, commercial and industrial waste.”

“It will produce green bio-methane gas from the organic proportion of the waste with anaerobic digestion technology and convert the RDF portion of the waste, which would typically be destined for landfill or incineration, to generate green electricity, using EQTEC’s Advanced Gasification technology and solutions.”

The former Gaz De France power station at the site was originally built in 2001, mainly to supply heat to the neighbouring UPM Shotton Paper Mill, but was closed in June 2012 after it stopped generating power. The EQTEC subsidiary Logik WTE planned to create a biogas facility on the former Gaz De France power station site on Deeside Industrial Park in 2018. The Deeside Plant will have the capacity to convert hundreds of thousands of tonnes per year of non-recyclable everyday household and commercial waste, otherwise destined for landfill or incineration, into 20 MWe of green electricity, enough to power 37,500 homes, and 27 MW of thermal heat production.