Rumpke Recycling Warns of Dangers of Putting Inappropriate Items in the Bin : VIDEO: Two Fires in Two Days at Ohio MRF as Residents Recycle Wrong Materials

rumpke recycling fire ohio st bernard

Ohio based waste management firm, Rumpke Recycling, has suffered two fires in two days at its St Bernard MRF after residents placed inappropriate items in the kerbside collections.

Back in 2012 the facility was completely destroyed by fire shortly after a $6.5 million refit and the firm has previously published advise over what should and shouldn’t go in a recycling bin, including:

1. Batteries

While lithium-ion batteries pose the greatest risk, batteries of any kind should not be placed in the recycling container. Several retailers, including electronic and home improvement stores, offer battery recycling options.

2. Pressurised Tanks & Canisters

Propane tanks and canisters are dangerous on multiple levels when placed in the recycling.

“Tanks and canisters could explode under pressure when compacted in the collection truck or during the recycling process,” said Jim Horrox, regional recycling manager, Rumpke. “Also, an item of this size could cause expensive damage to the recycling equipment.”

Pressurised tanks should never be placed in the recycling

3. Containers from Hazardous Materials

Gasoline cans. Motor oil jugs. Bleach bottles. Spray paint cans. Even empty, these items contain residue of the original contents and pose a safety concern.

“It’s important to remember these items could react or spontaneously combust under the right conditions,” said Horrox.

A Local 12 news report on the latest incidents can be viewed below.

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