product news : Wehrle with new products for leachate treatment

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For landfill operators the Direct-RO is a basic and cost-effective, quick-to- install treatment solution that offers all the benefits of state-of-the-art technology, including a graphical, touchscreen based user-machine interface and remote access.

The Direct-RO is available in three different sizes: “S” for up to 80 m3/d inlet capacity, “M” for up to 160 m3/d and “XL” for up to 260 m3/d, each with either 2 or 3 filtration passes and operating at 80 bar system pressure. The RO membranes used are Spiral Wound type arranged in a Feed & Bleed configuration that allows to vary the throughput while keeping a constant cross flow velocity. Spiral Wound membranes are produced in high quantities and are available from many suppliers around the world. Operators of the Direct-RO are therefore not dependent on a single supplier.

Robert Koerner, Head of Marketing at Wehrle: “The Direct-RO extends our range of leachate treatment solutions, spanning from our all-rounder BIOMEMBRAT® MBR up to high-end ZLD (Zero Liquid Discharge) leachate treatment, now also down to basic Reverse Osmosis systems.”

Building RO systems is nothing new for the leachate treatment expert: Wehrle uses Reverse Osmosis and Nanofiltration membranes already for over 20 years. So far, these plants had been individually designed, tailor made for each and every project. With the Direct-RO Wehrle has standardized this product to react on market demands for a basic treatment solution with quick delivery and start-up and an attractive price.

But, of course, “attractive price” does not mean “cheap”: Wehrle uses the same high-quality brand component manufacturers for the Direct-RO as it uses for its other product families. A selection of optional packages allow to upgrade the basic Direct-RO system, for instance, with an Advanced Automation Package that controls the plant autonomously to the maximum performance or an OPEX Reduction Package that includes also an additional, i.e. stand-by, sand-filter – all on board inside the container.

In many landfills around the globe, Reverse Osmosis technology is used for the separation of leachate into clean water and concentrate already. For landfills where the leachate composition has changed over the years, i.e. by aging of the landfill or the recirculation of the RO concentrate, expressed in high Ammonia values, the Direct-RO is open for an extension with the BIOMEMBRAT® MBR to include effective biological elimination to the process.