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ISWA Blog: Circular Economy Both Ambitious and Ambiguous

ISWA President, David Newman explains why in spite of the ambitious recycling and landfill diversion targets, the Commission has left the door open for countries to choose not to implement separate collections of biowaste with its recently adopted EU Circular Economy Package.

Financing India’s Waste Management

The main hurdle for solid waste management projects in low and middle income countries often is not about technology or process implementation but financing of the waste management infrastructure, explains the Institute for Sanitary Engineering and Waste Management’s Vishwas Vidyaranya.

Challenges for the Waste Industry in the EU

Over this summer, while reflecting upon the discussions going on in the EC on the Circular Economy, I looked at the potential impact of outside forces beyond our control on the recovery of secondary raw materials in Europe.

Getting The Recycled Plastics Sector Back On Track

Recent falling oil prices have sparked reports of financial challenges at leading supplier of rHDPE, Closed Loop Recycling. Eric Collins, managing director of Nampak Plastics, shares his insight into the effect this could have on the recycled plastic industry in the UK.


Are We Entering A New Era of Recycling?

Kristian Dales, sales and marketing director at FCC Environment, addresses a comment from Helmut Maurer of the European Commission that energy recovery should be a last resort in preference to recycling plastics.