Waste Firm Madegan to Shred 20,000 TPA of Mixed Waste for Energy Recovery

UNTHA Delivers XR mobil-e Waste Shredder for SRF Production in Madrid

Spanish waste and recycling firm Madegan is in the final stages of commissioning a new shredding system that will process up to 20,000 tonnes of waste per year.


Spanish waste and recycling firm, Madegan, is in the final stages of commissioning a new shredding system that will process up to 20,000 tonnes of waste per year.

The family run waste management firm was founded in the late 1970s, but continued growth and innovation means Madegan is also now active in producing fuels for waste to energy plants.

For this purpose the firm sought a new machine to boost the capacity and flexibility of its Madrid facility.

Following an extensive three year research project, Madegan headed to Austria to visit the global shredder manufacturer UNTHA.

According to the Austrian firm, impressed with the operational capabilities and performance of the machine, plus the reduced energy consumption, Madegan procured the XR mobil-e.

“When discussions first began, our local sales team worked with Madegan to understand the requirements of the project,” explained Luis Silva from UNTHA IBERICA “They have been shredding waste since 2005 but as they continue to expand, they need to be able to handle higher volumes of different material streams.”

As part of the process UNTHA said that it helped devise a new shredding solution that can tackle everything from commercial and industrial (C&I) waste, to construction and demolition waste, wood and municipal solid waste (MSW).

“They then travelled to our global headquarters near Salzburg – not just to see the XR mobil-e in operation, but to trial it with their own materials too,” said Silva.

According to UNTHA the visit demonstaed that the technology could handle the waste with ease and manufacture a high quality Solid Recovered Fuel (SRF) product. The business case for the mobile machine was also said to be strong.

“This was a very important economical investment for us,” elaborated Alberto Magan, CEO of Madegan. “We therefore looked at everything, ranging from the initial cost of the machine, through to the speed and ease of maintenance, typical uptime rates, throughputs, energy efficiency and adaptability to meet varied customer specifications. The stats, coupled with the promised longevity of the machine, made the XR the most solid investment.”

When fully operational, the shredder will allow Madegan to process a number of waste streams down to a homogenous particle size of 30-40mm. Supplied on tracks and with an in-built conveyor, it can easily be moved around the Madrid site, and plugged back in.

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