Waste to Energy

Waste-to-Energy in a Circular Economy: Friend or Foe?

Leaving a linear economy behind in favour of a circular one is the motto of the moment. But how and where does waste-to-energy fit in this system?


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    Going Round in Circles

    There is an urgent need to undergo radical transformations before the decade is out if we are to collectively address the climate and...

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    The New International Debt: Waste

    Unlike the US national debt, which can be eliminated through strong exports and relationships with foreign governments, the international...

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    Getting Waste onto the Climate Agenda

    COP 26 saw open waste burning on its agenda for the very first time. Now it’s time to act and improve waste management worldwide.

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    Carbon Capture: A mixed picture

    Carbon capture is becoming a topic of interest in the waste industry. Being hailed as a weapon against climate change, it’s a technology...


Uniform Waste Pictograms

Harmonised Waste Symbols: Law and order at the waste collection point

To make waste sorting easier for everybody, the European Nordic countries have introduced a harmonised system of waste symbols. Other countries are already interested in adapting it.


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