50 MW Plasma Gasification Plant to be the First of Many in UK

Credit: INESO Bio 13 August 2012 Air Products' 50 MW plasma gasification facility on Teesside could be the first of many advanced waste gasification facilities to be built in the UK according to York based waste to energy and biofuel consultancy, NNFCC. The consultancy welcomed the progress being made by Air Products at its plant near Billingham and added that it is likely to be the first of many to be built in the UK over the coming years. According to NNFCC the facility will use AlterNRG advanced gasification technology to turn 350,000 tonnes of residual waste into enough renewable electricity to power up to 50,000 homes every year. "Following our work gathering evidence for the Renewables Obligation banding review, we are delighted to see these ground-breaking advanced gasification projects starting to go ahead," explained Dr. Geraint Evans, head of biofuels and bioenergy at NNFCC. The NNFCC also highlighted proposed facilities by London based gasification specialist Biossense, as well as those by INEOS Bio and British Airways. According to the organisation it is working with INEOS Bio - part of chemical giant INEOS - to help deliver a fuel and energy project on Teesside in the UK. The consultancy service said that it is helping facilitate INEOS Bio's funding and working to address barriers to the development of the company's gasification plant. The NNFCC claimed subject to financing the plant will be Europe's first to make advanced road fuel and renewable energy from biomass, including household waste. The facility is to be located at the INEOS Seal Sands site in the 50 MW Plasma Gasification Facility to Treat Waste in Tees Valley Tees Valley, and is designed to produce 30 million litres of bioethanol each year and generate more than 3 MW of electricity for export to the grid while treating 100,000 tonnes of biodegradable household and commercial waste. "Waste is an underutilised resource for energy generation and gasification could hold the key to unlocking its vast potential - we will now apply our engineering and policy expertise to ensure this is just the first of many advanced gasification plants built here in the UK," concluded Evans. Read More 50 MW Plasma Gasification Facility to Treat Waste in Tees Valley Gas processing technology developer, Air Products is to build and operate a 50 MW advanced gasification waste to energy facility in Tees Valley, UK - the largest plant of its type in the world. Advanced Waste to Biofuel Facility Ready for Production in Florida Ineos Bio's joint venture project has been granted Parts 79 and 80 registration from the U.S. EPA for the production and sale of advanced bioethanol from non-food waste materials. Fuel Cell Demonstration Facility at 50 MW Plasma Gasification Plant Waste2Tricity, which is developing ways to increase the efficiency of waste to energy technology through the use of fuel cells, to develop a demonstration plant at the Products 50 MW plasma gasification on Teesside. Free Magazine Subscription Share Free Email Newsletter