Recyclable Materials and Refuse Derived Fuel to be Recovered : BHS to Equip Two New Material Recycling Facilities in Aberdeen, Scotland

Suez bulk handling systems aberdeen recycling facility

Environmental services firm SUEZ has selected Eugene, Oregon based recycling equipment manufacturer, Bulk Handling Systems (BHS), to design, engineer, manufacture and install two Materials Recycling Facilities (MRFs) at Aberdeen City Council’s Altens East Industrial Estate south of Aberdeen, Scotland.

BHS explained that one of the single stream facilities will process 20 tonnes per hour of commingled recyclables while, the other will sort 30 tonnes per hour of Municipal Solid Waste (MSW) to produce Refuse Derived Fuel (RDF).

The advanced single stream system features a variety of technology to maximise the recovery and purity of recyclable commodities.

The technology to be installed Includes BHS screens, a Nihot Single Drum Separator and NRT In-Flight Sorting® optical sorters. The equipment manufacturer explained that screen, air and optical technologies will be utilised to break, extract and purify the glass included in the commingled kerbside collection.

The company added that NRT technology will also automate and enhance fibre recovery, with an NRT ColorPlus™ to remove cardboard from news and pams, and an NRT SpydIR® to remove any plastics from the mixed fibre stream.

The system, designed to comply with the Scottish Government’s Code of Practice on Sampling and Reporting at Materials Recovery Facilities, features sampling, numerous scales to weigh inbound and outbound materials, and automated labeling of outbound bales.

The single stream system for comingled recyclables will process 60,000 tonnes per year and is expected to recover more than 95% of available recyclables. The RDF system will process 80,000 tonnes per year.

Recycling Aspirations

SUEZ is purchasing, operating and maintaining the MRF on behalf of Aberdeen City Council. In 2000, the Council awarded SUEZ a 25 year contract to manage recycling, composting, treatment and disposal of the household waste for the local authority’s now more than 228,000 residents.

The new recycling facility is expected to increase the city’s 37% recycling rate to 56% by 2020 and could save the city up to £5 million a year in landfill taxes.

BHS said that the plans have been developed to meet the aims set out in the Aberdeen City Waste Strategy, are part of the Aberdeen Recycling and Energy initiative and are in line with Scotland’s Zero Waste Plan, which includes a 70% recycling target by 2025.

“In the company’s design collaboration with BHS, SUEZ was clear from the onset that the total recovery and quality of commodities sent to market were paramount,” explained BHS CEO Steve Miller.

“The SUEZ Altens East MRF will be instrumental to Aberdeen reaching its recycling targets and stand as a shining example for other communities to follow,” he concluded.

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