acquisition : Blue Planet aquired two waste-firms in Singapore

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The two investments are a key part of Blue Planet’s strategic vision of bringing together market leaders in the waste management sector to create a more sustainable and integrated waste management ecosystem in the growing Asia Pacific region, Blue Planet announced.

Since its inception in 2008, DRS has successfully completed the recovery of hundreds of disasters each year, ranging from small scale residential fires or floods to large scale industrial accidents and chemical spills. In Singapore, some high-profile emergency projects include the safe extraction of hazardous gas cylinders from an industrial explosion and the clean-up of a chemical spillage at a testing laboratory.

Himanshu Bakhda, director, DRS added: “This alliance now effectively enables DRS to synergistically tap into Blue Planet’s international footprint and expand its deployment of services to a much larger market.”

The Collaborative Push for Net-Zero Impact

Disaster sites are known to generate significant levels of industrial and commercial waste – some of it toxic or hazardous in nature. The sustainable handling and disposal of these various waste materials can now be managed by Blue Planet’s range of technological solutions and infrastructure.

The integration of DRS’s expertise will enable Blue Planet to provide an integrated hazardous waste management ecosystem that can segregate, process, and upcycle waste from disaster sites in an environmentally friendly and efficient manner. This will ensure that individuals, community residents and workforces remain safe from risk even after the immediate period of disaster response has passed.

“With DRS on board, Blue Planet looks forward to becoming a significant player in providing a diverse range of services in the Asia Pacific region. We aim to demonstrate that all the remedial work following a disaster can now be handled within an integrated framework of sustainability”, further commented Chew.

Currently, Blue Planet companies process more than 15,000 tonnes of waste per day across different projects and have deployed more than 70 decentralised organic waste units of various sizes across South Asia. Other services and technologies provided by the company include non-hazardous e-waste recovery, large-scale landfill remediation and green building waste solutions in Singapore, India, Malaysia, Vietnam, and the United Kingdom.