Closing Loops - Transitions at Work : Circular Economy in the Spotlight as World Resources Forum 2019 Opens

World Resource Forum waste recycling circular economy
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Unlocking the full potential of the circular economy to tackle the climate challenges is the key priority for the 750 attendees of the World Resources Forum 2019, which opened its doors today in Antwerp.

With delegates from over 60 countries, the theme of the event is ‘Closing Loops - Transitions at Work’.

During this edition of the WRF entrepreneurs, researchers and governments have come together to map the transition towards the circular economy as a cornerstone in meeting the climate objectives.

As studies show that over 60% of greenhouse gas emissions can be directly linked to the way we use resources and materials, the WRF is bringing together specialists from all over the globe to craft tangible solutions to make a real transition happen.

The opening session of the event was hosted in the presence of Her Majesty the Queen who visited the forum in her capacity as UN Sustainable Development Goals Advocate.

WRF added that Flanders has been setting the tone globally in closing waste management loops.

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