CoGen & Simon Howie Agreement Could See Progress at Carnbroe Facility : Deal Removes Time Constraints on Scottish Waste to Energy Plant

Shore Energy cogen Carnbroe waste to energy pyrolosis gasification lanarkshire
© Shore Energy

Landowner, Simon Howie, and waste to energy developer CoGen have struck an agreement which removes any time constraints in which to deal with a planning application for a waste to energy plant adjacent to the A8 at Carnbroe, Lanarkshire.

Howie’s company, Shore Energy, received full planning permission for the facility back in 2015 and a start was made at the site.

However, the fully implemented permission was then taken over by CoGen in 2017 when a decision was made to alter several of the processes to ensure the scheme was implementing BAT (Best Available Techniques as required by SEPA). This meant that an application to amend the current fully enacted permission was lodged with North Lanarkshire Council.

There was full stakeholder and consultee engagement (SEPA confirming it had no objections to the proposed amendments) after which the green light was given by way of a recommendation for approval by the council’s planning department. The application was refused by the elected members and is now being determined by the Scottish ministers.

“We see CoGen as the perfect partner to take this exciting project forward; it operates a number of similar projects and is applying a best-in-class approach to its decision making,” said Simon Howie.

“I am very happy to support CoGen to give it whatever time is required to deliver this project and look forward to helping it drive towards the diversion of all residual waste from landfill, in line with the government’s directive.

“It is clear that the use of very robust, well-proven technology that fully complies with BAT will allow Scotland to become the UK leader in dealing with its own waste in a proximal manner,” he continued.

Ian Brooking, Chief Executive Officer at CoGen, added: “The deal struck with Simon Howie will ensure that the Carnbroe site forms part of our long-term plan to deliver a pipeline of next generation waste to energy facilities across the UK and Europe.”

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