Bigbelly, SmartBin and ID&A Technology Combination

Egbert Taylor Group Launches Integrated Smart Bin Strategy

Egbert Taylor Group waste recycling SmartBin ltd
© Brendan Murphy, CEO of the Egbert Taylor Group

UK waste and recycling bin manufacturer, Egbert Taylor Group, is to launch its ‘360 degree’ solution which supports fill-level monitoring, dynamic route optimisation, enhanced fleet management and GPS functionality at this year’s RWM.

Dubbed ‘beyond the bin’, the move has been developed following the company’s partnership with Bigbelly, SmartBin and ID&A.

The combined technology is said to inform collection and management teams when individual waste containers are ready to be emptied.

The technology is also said to be able to be retrofitted to an extensive range of waste bins, containers and recycling stations across an entire waste fleet.

According to Egbert Taylor Group’s chief executive, Brendan Murphy, the system will lead in increased ‘on-demand waste collection and deliver efficiency gains by reducing collection frequency and decreasing the operational cost of waste collection and the carbon emissions associated with waste collection vehicle movements.

“The waste sector continues to evolve at an unprecedented rate and in only twelve months,” he said.

Containerisation alone is no longer enough in a modern, dynamic world,” he continued.

Egbert Taylor Group can be found at stand 5P70-Q71 and will exhibit all brands under its umbrella including Taylor, Sellers, Bigbelly, SmartBin and OMB Containers.

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