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SatrindTech innovation : Electric drive shredders with automatic transmission

Electric drive shredders
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The benefits of automatic transmission summarized

Increased productivity: the automatic transmission ensures faster rotation at the same torque, significantly enhancing productivity over traditional hydraulic systems.

Compact design:
this plug-and-play system is ideal for integration into new machines or as an upgrade for existing installations, eliminating the need for bulky hydraulic control units and oil piping circuits.

Noise reduction:
the system ensures a quieter work environment, thanks to significantly lower acoustic emissions compared to hydraulic drives.

Simplified maintenance:
leads to a drastic reduction in both regular and extraordinary maintenance costs, thanks to the elimination of filters, control oil, valves, pumps, and hydraulic motors.

The 50 HP and 150 HP versions, named K60M and K150M respectively, represent the pinnacle of technical evolution in terms of motion transmission, with the automatic transmission as a distinguishing feature.

K60M and K150M series

Drive unit features:

  • A 37 kW electric motor for the K60M series and an additional 75 kW motor for the K150M series.
  • An automatic transmission that allows for smooth and precise motion transfer, thanks to the use of pulleys, transmission belts, and reducers designed for optimal engagement with the grinding body's gears.
  • An integrated regulation and control system for precise transmission management.

The entire drive unit is managed by an advanced control panel with a PLC, dynamically adjusting speed and torque based on the workload, improving efficiency, and reducing energy consumption as well as complying with Industry 4.0 requirements.

Moreover, the grinding chamber of the K150M series can optionally be equipped with a torque limiter, designed to protect the motorization's kinematic chain from unshreddable material during the shredding process.

The torque limiter activates whenever the detected torque exceeds the reversal torque, disengaging the clutch and preventing the strain from affecting the reducer and the automatic transmission.

Why choose electric drive shredders with automatic transmission?

Opting for the electric drive shredders with automatic transmission means prioritizing productivity, compactness, quietness, and ease of maintenance. These machines are the ideal solution for a wide variety of materials, ensuring high performance and environmental respect.

SatrindTech confirms its leadership in industrial innovation with the launch of its electric drive shredder system featuring with automatic transmission. This cutting-edge solution combines the precision and efficiency of hydraulic systems with the energy and environmental benefits of electricity, offering an exceptional blend of automatic torque and speed regulation.

Innovation and performance

The automatic transmission brings a revolution in productivity: it guarantees higher rotation speed while maintaining the same torque, thus surpassing the performance of traditional hydraulic systems. Thanks to inverter control, production efficiency flexibly adapts to process needs without the need for maximum torque.

Efficiency, sustainability and enhanced safety

The compact design of these systems eliminates the need for bulky hydraulic control units and piping circuits, making them ideal for installation in new plants or retrofitting existing ones, and thereby avoiding a system with circulating hot, high-pressure oil. The work environment also benefits from a significant reduction in noise, a distinctive advantage of electric drives over hydraulic ones. Moreover, simplified maintenance leads to a significant cost reduction by eliminating the need for frequent interventions on components such as filters, oil, valves, pumps, and hydraulic motors.

K60M and K150M series: the frontier of drives

The drive units of the K60M and K150M series stand out for incorporating 37 kW and 75 kW electric motors, respectively, paired with a sophisticated automatic transmission that efficiently and precisely transfers motion. This setup ensures optimal power and speed management, perfectly adapting to operational needs and providing unmatched performance.

Material shredding choices

The excellence of SatrindTech's electric drive shredders with automatic transmission extends to the wide range of materials that can be effectively processed. This advanced technological solution flexibly adapts to various shredding types, making these systems ideal for managing:

  • Plastics: from PET, HDPE, PVC, PP, PC wastes to tubes, profiles, drums, cubitainers, and automotive components in ABS, PU, PP, PE.
  • CDR and CSS: materials from energy recovery and waste selection processes.
  • Metal drums: an efficient solution for volume reduction and recycling of metal containers.
  • Packaging: optimal management of a wide range of packaging materials, including the more resilient ones.
  • Tires: from car to truck tires, including detreaded ones, for effective recycling.
  • Oil filters: reducing environmental impact through the treatment and recovery of used filters.
  • Electronic waste (WEEE): contributing to the sustainable management of e-waste through dismantling and separation processes.
  • Industrial waste: solutions for volume reduction and material recovery from production scraps.
  • Cardboard and wooden pallets: recycling and valorization of packaging and supports made of wood.
  • Hazardous and pharmaceutical waste: safe and regulatory compliant treatment of harmful substances.

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