European Environmental Agency Publishes Landfill Tax Report

align="right" hspace="5" vspace="1">27 April 2012 The European Environmental Agency (EEA) and its European Topic Centre on Sustainable Consumption and Production (EIONET) have published the report 'Overview of the use of landfill taxed in Europe' (Working Paper No 1/2012). The report includes detailed information for 21 European countries including information on: Who pays and how much Who monitors and collects Leakage problems Revenues generated, and what happens to them Environmental impacts Economic impacts Social impacts Main opponents Lessons learned. General conclusions regarding the landfill tax included in the report: Twenty European countries have introduced a tax on waste sent to landfills (in 2009/2010 total revenue generated from the landfill tax was around EUR2.1 billion) The tax appears to be a strong driver in diverting waste away from landfills The majority of countries have a tax level for the most common waste types of EUR30 per ton or higher Many countries are already increasing their tax level so that it is already or will soon be between EUR50 and EUR70 per ton of waste. A link to the publication can be found HERE This Content is supplied by Free Magazine Subscription Free Email Newsletter